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We celebrate Rev. Dr. Edmund Haggai who, by his lifestyle, made us know that even today: “With God, all things are possible”. I got fired up to imbibe the Haggai Institute’s concept of the “How” of spreading the gospel message after my training at the training centre at Hawaii in 1996. It was a great privilege to see how people sacrificed to get me there and to know the urgency of spreading the gospel to EVERY community on earth. Thank you, Dr. Haggai. Your legacy is an everyday challenge to spread the gospel until Jesus comes again.

Stephen Akintunde, PhD

To the Good Doctor:

You were watched, observed, admired, questioned, criticized, rejected…you were invited into a world full of skeptics and believers…you continued to show what our goal had better be, which is to run our race, while pressing for the mark of the prize of God’s high calling.

You spread God’s word, not only in word, but true Biblical zeal. Today, you are meeting with the one gives all of us believers the blessed hope and I am certain that our Lord is now saying “well done…thou good and faithful servant”…

Bravo Dr. Haggai!

Wenston DeSue

I praise the name of God that God had changed my life and my ministry totally through Haggai International. It was my second repentance in 1995. I praise God as well to see Dr. Haggai’s life and ministry. He encouraged me strongly to spread the Gospel as soon as possible. Dr. Haggai said it personally to me when he visited Maui Coast Hotel twenty five years ago during our session 228 and 229. It was the last venue Haggai International used the out-side place.
I was glad to be the one of the eye-witnesses of the Mid Pacific Center on May 1995. I can see God’s work in Haggai International until now and also the impact globally. I will continue this mission to every leader that I meet.

The name of our Lord Savior had been glorified through the life of Dr. Haggai. He finishes well as he enters God’s glory.
Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Dr. John Haggai!

In joining to celebrate the life of Dr. John Edmund Haggai,
Tutu Sukendro – Indonesia

Tutu Sukendro

Dr. John Edmund Haggai was the most influential human being in my life. Period. My life can be divided into before my Haggai experience and after it.
Having interacted several times with Dr. Haggai, I saw in him the ideal qualities of a leader. He was a prophet who had a godly vision, a king who was able to set plans that were executed successfully and in all of this he did with the heart of loving a priest.
The last time I met Dr. Haggai was in Sept 2004, is still absolutely fresh in my memory.
I met him at his home in Atlanta and that’s when I realized this extraordinary leader was an unbelievably down to earth person. When I arrived I was greeted by Christine, who was tidying up their garage with a broom. It was a normal home.
I then spent around half an hour in Dr. Haggai’s basement office enjoying his company and his incomparable wisdom.
Those are the images of this wonderful couple I will carry in my heart.
Even as he talked to me, I always felt he was genuinely desiring me to aspire and achieve new heights. This single minded focus of replicating himself in others was so obvious to me.
He is today in a better place in much better company.

Thank you Dr. John Edmund Haggai for all you did for me and thousands of others!

Jaywant Michael

Reflection On Our Love Ones Who’s Gone Before

Our great leader, Dr. John Edmund Haggai, along with many other leaders, had worked so hard with the determination of making sure that people from all over the world must have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have gone Home ahead to Rest in Peace.
On November 18th 2020, his time has come for our beloved Leader Dr. John Edmund Haggai.
His remarkable 75 years of ministry gives birth to 123,000 Haggai leaders in 189 nations. We can imagine much more number could be added, if we are to add these leaders as they come back home to train others.
As one saying goes “a tree today, a forest tomorrow,” one good tree can be multiplied and eventually can become a beautiful forest.
Let’s continue join hands in sowing the seed of Gospel message. Although we are in different countries with diverse traditions and cultures, let us look at as a whole, the sheaves of harvest of souls that we bringing in. Indeed, it is so beautiful.
So . . . cheer up. Let’s go on!

Sincerely in Christ,

On behalf of our HIAA Myanmar

Dr. Khin Than Htay
H.I Myanmar

Khin Than Htay