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We are very sorry that our friend Dr. John Edmund Haggai left with Jesus! We are going to miss him! He is in the Glory of God, there is no more crying or pain!
He left us his legacy, his vision and mission with the evangelism of Jesus Christ to reach the world in need! May the Holy Comforting Spirit embraces all of you. the Haggai Institute staff, friends and family in this time of pain.
My International Leadership experience was in Maui – Hawaii, Session 818: January 13 – February 6 – 2009. It was a tremendous experience, in addition to the teachings, to see the focus on Jesus Christ and evangelism! In turn, sharing with women called by God from all over the world was an incomparable richness.
In turn, that same year 2009, meeting Dr. John Edmund Haggai in the Atlanta offices and being able to talk with him was a gift from God. In turn, I was invited to speak at the Global Summit of the Haggai Institute in Atlanta -GA, in February 2016, where for much longer, together with my husband Guillermo, we were able to share several moments of dialogue and reflection with Dr. John Edmund Haggai and Dr. Beverly Upton Williams, in turn share with the entire staff of the Haggai Institute! Unforgettable moments! So get on with what God has called each of us to do! A big hug to all Haggai International Family! We love you all! Hugs
from my husband Dr. Guillermo Barrera and me!- Rev. Dr. Silvina González – Barrera – Medical Missionary to Latin América.

Rev. Dr. Silvina Gonzalez - Barrera - Sesion 818 - Maui - Hawaii - January 13 - February 6 - 2009

I salute an outstanding servant of God, our late Dr Haggai, who made an amazing impact with his courageous vision to impact the world with the Gospel, ensuring that men and women leaders were further trained and developed to impact nations with the Gospel. Thank you again to the late Dr Haggai and Donors for my once in a life time experience and privilege to complete the Maui, Hawaii Haggai International Training. My life was forever changed to impact other leaders lives, to proclaim the Gospel. Rest in Peace Dr Haggai. You will surely be missed.

Rev. Joy Aline Chetty
Cape Town
South Africa

Rev. Joy Aline Chetty

I have known Dr. Haggai for over 50 years. He was like a second father to me. In 1978, Dr. Haggai offered the eulogy at the funeral of my Dad, Cecil B. Day. Dad died at the age of 44. I was 17. Dr. Haggai was describing Dad as a man of great faith. He then quoted Hebrews 11:4: “By faith he still speaks even though he is dead.”, the text that speaks of Abels faith and legacy. Today, Dr. Haggai still speaks even though he is no longer physically present. The wisdom that he offered over these last 50 years is worth sharing. We are all familiar with his famous quote, “Attempt something so great for God that it is doomed to failure unless God be in it.” Here are a few of the other Dr. Haggai quotes that you may find inspiring…

– “My desire is to challenge people, whose capacity I perceive to be far greater than they have evaluated, to move up to the level of their maximum potential for God and for world change.”

– “Your net worth is what you give away.”

– “Invest in things that have 1. permanence(eternal value) and 2. a built-in multiplier

– “Pray that we would become everything we wish we were when we stand before thee.”

– “Intellectual horsepower has replaced our moral brakes.”

– “Some people don’t know the Trinity from 3rd base.”

– “The message never changes, but the methods must.”

– “Nothing will ever be accomplished if all possible obstacles have to be resolved.”

– “If we fall down, we will fall down on the front of our face and not the back of our head.”

– “We have more defense of Christianity today and not enough proclamation of its power.”

– “No man is entitled to any opinion on any moral or spiritual question where God has spoken.”

– “The majority is usually wrong. Find the minority who do things right and invest in them.”

I hope that you will find his words encouraging as you follow Christ and lead others.

To God be the glory!

Peyton Day

I had a live changing experience when I attended Haggai Institute at Singapore, 2004.
We were from about 34 countries from all over the world. The cultural diversity, the skin colours, different nationalities were deftly woven together by the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus through His indomitable servant, Dr Edmund Haggai.
He was an example of what the Lord wanted of His Church and servants; SALT THAT SAVOURS AND LIGHT THAT SHINNETH. These are what made Dr Haggai indomitable: he came, he shone and savoured; never trampled, never extinguished. Blessed is your memory, Great Gospel General Triumphant!!!
Bunmi Babatunde
Senior Pastor, Christ Apostolic Church, Chapel of Testimony, Lagos, Nigeria.

George Olubunmi Babatunde

Thank you, Dr Haggai, for live to honor The Lord Jesus. Thanks for give me the opportunuty to be prepared at Haggai Institute and learn and be concient about the importance to appeal for a veredict.

Rebeca De la Garza