Haggai International only equips qualified leaders from the emerging nations. You will only be selected if you are already a recognized leader. The normal minimum qualifying age is 30; the maximum, 50.

To attend an international session, you must be proficient in English, and undertake to pass your training on to at least 100 other leaders within two years of returning home. We only accept graduates of recognized universities. It goes without saying that you should have a heart for reaching your people for Christ.

Please note that your application must be submitted by another recognized leader who can act as your reference. We have many more applicants than places, and for this reason we have to make a strict evaluation of a leader who wishes to attend.

If you feel that the Lord may be leading you to apply, first seek guidance from a Haggai International international graduate, or from your pastor or mentor. You can obtain application forms from Haggai International’s regional representatives or by emailing us at

We do everything we can to identify and select leaders who will benefit from our learning experience. But our sessions are heavily oversubscribed. If we are able to approve your application, there may still be a delay before we can allocate you a session place. Haggai International training is underwritten generously by our donors. But please note that your willingness to contribute to those costs will be taken as evidence of how seriously you treat your application.