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Dear Dr. Haggai, I thank God for all you did for Him. I highly appreciate the training in Evangelism that I and many others benefitted through you.You will forever be remembered.May the Almighty God comfort your biological and the Haggai family. We are missing you for a moment but I believe you are at God’s bossom and we shall surely be united to rejoice through forever.

From Prof. Lekunze Michael Jima

An opportunity of a lifetime…

A life changing moment and change of perspective about true evangelism. It is sad that I could not have an opportunity to meet with this man of God who in my language was a visionary in evangelism, a fervent servant leader, a profound teacher, a prolific writer and a great influencer of people through God’s perfect love. His unconditional love, care and concern for winning souls for God’s kingdom was relentless. It was a life changing experience during my visit to Maui in 2019 when I went to attend the Haggai Leader Experience. I have no words to express the gratitude for Dr. Haggai and his team for their selfless efforts in making the program possible and more than the preparations and the hospitality, it was the content of the training that was so overwhelming, intense and but yet intriguingly so interesting that one could not even ponder away for a second that he would lose something so precious.

In all this, what I could see was this noble, wise and grounded in the word of God, Dr. John Edmund Haggai’s many years of sweat and sincere hard work to groom more than a 120000 active leaders across the globe.

My heart swelled with agony of this great loss, but rejoiced with the angels in heaven for the legacy he left behind for me to personally take forward and continue to be an influencer of God’s perfect love. A loud and great THANK YOU to Dr. Haggai for his selfless service that has made millions a better person to be.

Till we meet again Dr. Haggai, we will miss you.

Lot of Love


Andrew Thanauj Kumar

I was privileged to hear Dr. John Edmund Haggai speak on only two occasions. The first was at a meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, the second was during a meeting of Australian Baptists in Sydney. where he delighted and astounded ministers from throughout the nation.

John Edmund Haggai was an erudite minister of our LORD’s Truth, and his genius is revealed in the organization and development of the Haggai International Ministry. Many years subsequent to our meeting in Australia, we corresponded, and he generously forwarded several of his books that enriched my library. He was indeed both a generous and unassuming gentleman. He will be missed here, but Heaven itself will be richer for his presence.

Gene L. Jeffries, Th.D.

Am humled before the almighty God for his servant Dr.Edmund Haggai……………………………..Through his ministry , i was elavated to advanced leadership in my profession and in the chrstian circles.. This great man of God build my faith and as a result have travelled across the globe due to his great impact his training he sponsored me. .my heartfelt condolences and my family .Servant of the lord Edmund ,rest in peace in the lordárms.May the name of the Lord be praised.

Titus M.Kilika

A Great Man who fully obey the Great Commission

I thank God for all that Dr. Haggai did for Him through Haggai International. I attended the HI training in Maui year 2017 M1704 and was so blessed. It was one of the best training I have ever had in my entire life. His example of passion and obedience inspired my life, to use all my resources to ending gospel poverty and always do appealing for a verdict to the lost soul in every opportunity in ministry

Dr. John Edmund Haggai

A great man of God who has vision every nation redeemed and transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ
A great man if God who has vision to equip and inspire strategically positioned leaders to more effectively denonstrate and present the gospel of Jesus Christ and prepare others to the same
A great man of God who fully obey the great commission
A great man of God who has the fire of evangelism to reach the lost and living it
A great man of God who did not speak about God, but truly experienced Him
A great man of God who have love and passion for sharing the good news to the unreached people groups and zeal to ending gospel poverty
A great man of God who affirm and develop indigeneous leaders and resources
A great man of God who always depend on the holy spirit
A great man of God who respect church and denominational differences
A great man of God who inspired my life and many others.

Rest in peace Dr. John Edmund Haggai
We have your legacy. Your legacy will continue to impact lives in the world until the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

“Great Commission His last command, our first concern“
“Attempt something so great for God it’s doomed to failure unless God be in it”

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” 2 Timothy 4:7

Tety Irwan
Pastor Salt and Light Community Church

Pastor Tety Irwan