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As a Haggai Almni 2008, I have never heard of such a leader as this, with the determination and ambition to strategically and sustainably impact the whole globe with the Gospel; by empowering Christian leaders worldwide. His life and Ministry are an inspiration, especially for us who benefited from Haggai International. It’s our duty to take up his mantle and carry on his legacy.

Founder and CEO, NSINDAGIZA Organization-RWANDA


His life was truly an example of the verse :the righteous will by faith.
His life epitomized what God can do with one surrendered soul on a global scale with millions impacted.

Benhur Reuben

I was led to discussing ministry and other life issues with a friend when he directed me to reach his Pastor. I did and that was my introduction to Haggai International. The journey to training was long and tortuous but I finally was helped by God to attend Singapore in November/December 2006 and was trained under distinguished Faculty. I also forged new networks which I still cherish and met up with fellow Singapore 206 session 653/654 in places such as Lisbon, Portugal and London, England. I give thanks to God for the life and ministry of Dr John Edmund Haggai and Haggai International. I acquired almost all his books in Singapore and still read these spiritually uplifting guide books.


Dr. Haggai, an enigma who lived what he preached and preached what he lived. Never met another man who inspired me like he did even in the brief moments of our encounters. His video teaching on Goal-setting when I attended HI in 1999 was the game-changer for me and put me clearly in the path I am following today.

Each time I listened to his irresistible, slurry but compelling baritone voice. even in casual conversation, I came away feeling like someone with wings strapped on his shoulder. He was such an inspiration.

Great wit. Memory of an elephant. Statesman whose simplicity belied his intimidating accomplishments.

When I sat at lunch with him at the celebration of his 90th birthday, all I could ask myself was, “How did God pack so much in one frame?” I could write an entire epistle on Dr. Haggai. Knowing what I do about him, I am sure he must have exited earth with a smile of triumph and speaking the lines of apostle Paul, “I have fought a good fight, I have run a good race finished my course”

Enter into your reward General, as you continue to live on in the lives of the over 123,000 alumni of HI globally and the millions of people who they have impacted and continue to impact.
Monuments crumble. Empires go into oblivion. But legacies live forever. So do angels!

Adieu faithful soldier as you awake into your rest with our Lord Jesus Christ for whose gospel you spent and was spent till the very end!!!

Temitope Popoola

I am grateful to Dr.Edmund and his ministry through which I am a leader today in my church, institutions and Gideons ministry.. pray for his vision to continue for ever.

David Bright R