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When I was in college, 1956-1958, my father was reading an article about John and looked up at me and said, “ keep your eye on the man as he is a great leader and Christian Statesman.” I did just that over the years and became a strong supporter of HI over the years. My dad was right. The same message is for all of us, keep John’s ministry and message in your sights. Support the ministry….. Allan G. Hedberg, Ph.D.

Allan g. Hedberg

In 2007, I had a great blessing from the Lord who allowed me to participate in Haggai International Leadership Seminar in Singapore. It was such an amazing experience. I was equipped to introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a meaningful way, in Ecuador. Also, my vision about sharing and presenting the Gospel drove me to be obedient to the Lord, Who, I believe, was calling me to serve in Haggai Ministry in Ecuador. I have been doing that since 2007.
I am grateful to God for Dr Edmund Haggai, who was a great leader and a disciple of Jesus’s Christ. He was faithful with God’s vision and purpose for his life. He reached out to other leaders to be a part of this great challenge, which is to end Gospel poverty around the world.

May God be with his family, and may God bless members of Haggai International Ministry
Patricia Duchi Cujilema .

Maria Patricia Duchi Cujilema

The legacy that has been left will continue to bring many into the Kingdom for years to come. Dr Haggai stands among the giants of faithful men and women over the ages.
Dr Haggai influenced my life as a Christian and as a Christian in business.
He taught me the joy of giving in ways that no one else could.
He was a mentor and a friend.
Serving with Haggai Institute was always a learning journey – meeting so many leaders from all over the world.
Dr Haggai was blessed to have such a committed Board of Trustees who gave with such generosity and we now see this moving into the 3rd generation.
Dr Haggai, a true disciple where these words ring out – 2 Timothy 4:7-8.
Indeed you have fought the good fight, finished the race and kept the faith.

Keith Chua

What a great privilege to remember and give tributes to legendary DR. Haggai. Im blessed to be a part of his vision for demographic shift of gospel and evangelism.

My life has been influenced by the Leadership training I received at Mauii centre in 2006.

Thank God for directing me and IThank This great leader for envisioning the greatest miracle in

third world countries.


My godfather John Haggai’s commitment to the Truth has impacted countless lives in so many ways, both here on earth and for the future in Eternity. He truly was a spiritual giant among men, making an impact on the world akin to Billy Graham and D.L. Moody. He and his kind wife Christine were fixtures in my life as a child, and I have such wonderful memories of our times together.

During college, my family and I went to China with them on one of his Haggai Institute diplomatic trips – he arranged for me be able to study Shang and Zhou Dynasty bronzes first hand in museums closed to the public (a big deal for a college art history major!), have tea in the Great Hall of the People in the Forbidden City with the President’s son, and visit the Great Wall. I remember listening to Adam’s opera “Nixon in China“ while riding on a train through the Chinese countryside and eating Toblerone chocolate bars out of of the minibar when authentic meals were a bit too exotic for my tastes (tendon soup, anyone?). I remember the people there – so interested and kind. What a treasure to have shared with him, and all the more meaningful knowing the driving force was sharing His love through the leadership training initiatives of HI.

In more recent years, John was a fixture at key family events – from dedicating my son Cannon to the Lord at his christening luncheon to leading the vows at my parents’ 50th anniversary ceremony. His prayers were always remarkable, as were his stories. Hearing about his life experiences, the places he most enjoyed and how even in his mid 90s he kept his mind sharp by doing math mental exercises every day were a true inspiration.

He could connect with anyone, regardless of race or culture. He truly exemplifies a man who dedicated his life to reaching the farthest places on earth for the Lord, and reached countless more through the many books he authored. His leadership training institute has influenced so many cultures and countries around the world, and he was respected and greatly revered by so many world leaders.

But for me I’ll always remember him as Uncle John, my godfather who would tell me wonderous stories and make me laugh. He always had a twinkle in his eye and brought joy into the room with him, and I thank the Lord that he was in my life for so many years!

Jacqueline Nims Phelan