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The Giant has fallen.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints…his loving ones. psalms 116:15

At the same time we are very sad as Sons of this Vision and His family to have lost such a father.

What a paradox:

In Heaven they are rejoicing

On earth we are lamenting and crying

May God comfort us all Family of Haggai International.

Rev Apostle Zachariah Mthethwa

Simply put, I have come across no one else with the style and verve of Dr. John Edmund Haggai, and that’s putting it mildly.

When in 2001, I received an invitation to join Haggai International as its website manager and editor, I received welcome greetings from a few, some quite elaborate. From Dr. Haggai there was half a line in an email (copied to the management): “For long I have prayed for someone like you.”

Twenty years have gone by, that half-line has kept me going full steam in the organization I remain wedded to, through thick, thin, sunshine and storm.

When I was trying to survive the inevitable teething problems of the rather complex job including experts from different nations and heads and directors all the way from Brazil to the US on the team, once more I saw an email from him in my Inbox. If I thought he was going to arbitrate, I was left thinking. All he wrote was, “I am watching from the wings, and tapping my foot in prayer.”

He knew what to say and do in any situation, and that endeared him to the heart for life. When in 2003, I was going to serve as faculty for the first time in an international leadership session at Singapore, I was fearful and quivering from head to foot. In the secular world, I had moderated and taught easily enough in other forums; nevertheless, facilitating at a Haggai seminar for the first time can reduce the bravest soldier to dust, so exalted are the standards. Ten minutes before time, with my hand on the door knob, I was about to enter the classroom when Ivy Mary Abraham came running with a mobile phone in her hand. It was Dr. Haggai on the line. He assured me it was going to be a power-packed session, he said he had confidence in me. He said a brief prayer for me. The session did not worry me thereafter, I floated through it from Cloud Nine.

His responses to events could never be predicted. In a Haggai Newsletter for international alumni which I was bringing out for the then VP of International, Mr. P.K.D. Lee, I introduced a column called THE FOUNTAINHEAD through which Haggai leaders could address questions to Dr. Haggai. Fr.Matthew Kukah, a Haggai leader from Nigeria (who is now an exalted bishop) posed this question: “Haggai Institute is constructed on and around you. What will happen when you move on?” In normal circumstances, I would have considered it audacious and trashed it. However, aware of the fact, that Dr. Haggai had a great fondness for Fr. Kukah, I sent in the question.

After two days, when there was no reply from the fountainhead, (as a rule, JEH responded to mails he received before a day ended) I sheepishly informed Mr. Lee what had happened and faced a wrath of sorts. Barely had I gone through it with burning cheeks, when there was a response from Dr. Haggai in my Inbox. He responded to the question in detail, giving the example of D.L. Moody’s ministry, after the latter’s death, which may have gone through a very brief lull, but then Moody Bible Institute became stronger than ever. “If a ministry has been for the Lord, it is sustained by divine power. If it has been built around a person, it will not survive.”

Praise God Haggai International will face no such acid test. More than a decade ago, the founder willingly gave over the reigns to those who would carry on the legacy of Jesus Christ entrusted into his being.

Dr. Haggai has faithfully finished his task.

Long live the Christ.


Ingrid Albuquerque-Solomon

Dr Haggai’s life has been profoundly impactful. He has left his foot print in the sands of time. His influence on my life personally is effective, effectual and perpetual.
I had the rare opportunity and privilege of attending the Haggai Institute training in Singapore in December 2001. And my life has not remained the same since then. I have joined efforts with brethren(alumni),in my area(Kwara State of Nigeria),to train several other Christian leaders. And these are doing exploits for God in diverse ways.
The work of Dr Haggai for the Lord Jesus Christ, has multiplied all over the World. And the heavenly harvest is rich and bountiful in Dr Haggai’s account.
I have grown by the grace of God to become an ordained Reverend. And when I went for Theological training,my training at the Haggai institute became a bedrock foundation and a launching pad for me.
I recall the memory of my Haggai institute training every day of my life.
Now that the initiator, motivator and mentor of all of us(alumni),all over the world has gone to be with the Lord,we mourn,but we also rejoice.
This because, it is sure and certain that Dr Haggai is having a fitting and befitting REST with the Lord. Hallelujah.
Dr Haggai was the Apostle Paul and Barnabas of the present and future generations.
We now have to continue to work hard for God till the end, so that at the end of our own sojourn, we would be qualified to be where he is now, with the Lord.
Let me die the death of the righteous and let my end be like his. Num.23:10.

Rev John Olusola Baiyeshea,SAN,
Ilorin,Kwara State,Nigeria.

John Olusola Baiyeshea

I never met him in person but had the honor of chatting with him along with my classmates at Haggai institute in Maui in 2017. It was memorable. He answered questions on ministry, calling, leadership and family. I saw a man so passionate about his convictions and that fired me up the more. I’m so grateful to be part of this vision. I must do my part and also pass on the baton when it’s time. Thank you sir for answering the call and obeying the vision. But take your rest, beloved God’s general as you await the final Thank You from the one who sent you.


Dr Haggai left an indelible foot print, as he lived an impactful life. The impact of his life and ministry in my personal life is eternal. Since I had the rare opportunity and privilege of attending the Haggai International Singapore in December 2001, my life has not remained the same again.

After the leadership training,I have joined efforts with alumni of the institute in my area, to train several others. I noticed that the Haggai training, enabled me and others to enthusiastically work for God always with joy and happiness.

I have also been helped by God to grow to become an ordained Rev. Even when I went for theological training, the Haggai training became a foundation, bedrock and launching pad for me to move on in the strength of the Lord.

I thank the Lord for sending Dr Haggai as an Apostle Paul and Barnabas of many generations. I have no doubt that Dr Haggai is already with the Lord for a fitting and befitting REST.

Let me die the death of the saint and let my end be like his: Num. 23: 10.

John Olusola Baiyeshea