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I am very grateful to the Lord for the life and sincere dedication of Dr John Haggai. I have attended Haggai Institute Leadership Training in Singapore way back in 1992. That was the year before the Lord called me to be a missionary pastor in the UAE. The training that I had in Singapore was very instrumental in steadying my journey for many years. The journey has been very fruitful. The determination and commitment of Dr Haggai to train Christian leaders for the Kingdom of God inspired me to do the same. He surely will be missed but the fruit of his labour has now been planted in many parts of the world.

Rene Nepomuceno

Let me tell you of part of the story of how “How to Win Over Worry” remained in print for so long.

I am so grateful for the ministry of Dr. Haggai. A warm, passionate, and visionary leader, committed to the spread of the Gospel worldwide as few have ever been, Dr. Haggai was a good friend of both my father and myself.

His friendship with my dad, Bob Hawkins, Sr., began when Dr. Haggai heard of an amazing purchase my father made, back in the 1960’s, when he owned a Christian bookstore in Portland, Oregon. Hearing that Zondervan was about to let How to Win Over Worry go out of print, my dad bought an amazing 500 copies–because he loved the book and wanted it to remain in print. Dr. Haggai somehow received word of this, and remembered it, just as he seemed to recall everything!

Years later, in the 1980’s, Dr. Haggai made sure Harvest House Publishers eventually became the publisher of this book at a point when it was once again, I believe, ready to go out of print.
And for the next three plus decades, Harvest House kept the message of this book alive in markets everywhere.

I am grateful for the love of Christ and His message inherent in this high-energy, man of God. He made me laugh, and hard, loved the power of the quote, and gave his life to sharing Christ. We are proud to have been his publisher for many books, and enriched because we knew him. He will be sorely missed. But today we celebrate his graduation to be with the Lord forever!

Bob Hawkins, Jr.
Harvest House Publishers

Bob Hawkins

Dr. Haggai, I celebrate you in tears of joy. Your vision sharpened my vision and continues to shape my life to date and for the rest of my life. Your existence was worth every day you soujourned in this world. In me alone you have transformed the lives of uncountable children and families. Who would have thought? You preached exponential growth. You are right. God will continue in our lives where you stopped. Rest in peace till we rejoin you. You will forever be celebrated. Amen🌹

Dr. Ibru Margaret

My one month stay in 2008 in Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Seminar Training in Singapore was one of the most memorable, uplifting, focused and productive in terms of my evangelistic and ministerial training, equipping and mentoring. In fact, even up to now, some of the materials (along with experiences and exposures) are still relevant and significant (especially the spirit intent, not just the “letters”) and I’m using them in my teaching and sharing ministry. Secondary to scholarly brilliancy of Dr. John Edmund Haggai, what I admired and appreciated him the most was his indefatigable commitment, character, charisma, integrity and Christ-like personality. His formidable dedication and devotion to our dear Savior & Master Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Man. could be compared to that of apostolic faith and the pioneering Church Fathers in Church history.. A lost in earth is a gain in heaven. Dr. Haggai left us a great legacy that we Christians (esp. Haggai graduates/disciples) can be humbly proud of and an sterling example to emulate in our service to our Divine Savior & Master Jesus Christ. I can almost hear it Christ saying to Dr. Haggai: “Come home My son. This is where you belong, in My Home. Well done, good and faithful servant!” Amen! See you Dr. Haggai, in God’s appointed time! Ptr. Roman Saynes (Leader 778)

Roman R. Saynes



I first met Dr Haggai in 1980 when on the Pastoral team of Christian Life Centre, Ringwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA where Senior Pastor Russell Hooper invited Dr Haggai to minister one weekend packed with his dynamic ministry of preaching the Word of God. He challenged us all to “give money for sending Bibles to China!” The Holy Spirit spoke to me to “empty my Bank Account, joyfully I obeyed the Lord!

DR HAGGAI was a Mentor of mine; a friend of my parents, Colin + Kath Teague in Adelaide SAUST; a friend of mine; as was his Dad, Waddy Haggai who asked me to call him “Dad Haggai” when visiting HI. Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia USA, and being a guest in his family home in 1987!

Dr. HAGGAI A MAN OF GOD; a man of the WORD; a man of passion and zeal for the KINGDOM OF GOD; a man of compassion for lost and hurting people.


Sincerely for the Kingdom of GOD,
Merrilyn M. Teague

Rev. Merrilyn M. Teague
Honorary Pastor of A.A.C.Church Adelaide South Australia
National Advisor OCF. AUSTRALIA.
Monday 30th November 2020

AACC – Austral Asian Community Chch.
OCF. – Overseas Christian Fellowship