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In 1988, I met Dr. John Haggai, who impressed me because of his vision of the Kingdom of God and his love for souls. At the time, he presented me with a book whose title itself is quite a provocative “Be a real leader”, his concepts presented there and the way they related to the word of God, fully occupied the center of my heart.

Since then, I have not stopped applying the concepts to my heart and in the many times I have read this book, I always felt how much God had used Dr. Haggai to prepare Christians to share the Good News and lead around the world.

Another striking feature of Dr. Haggai was turning problems into opportunities, he could not see problems as an end, but as the beginning of something extraordinary about what God was going to do.

Dr. John Haggai leaves thousands of leaders around the world who have been influenced by his love for the gospel and his relationship with God. He always shared about the revelation of God, with great excellence, because it was for God and the best should be done. With this he has taught us in all these years that the best thing that a man can have in his life is to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

We will miss you, your wide smile and your compassionate look. We thank God for the life of Dr. Haggai who fulfilled his call with purpose, excellence and zeal.

João Manuel C Freitas
Instituto Haggai do Brasil

Joao Manuel C Freitas

A man of vision, of love for His master, and to fellow men. See you soon in the place we all linger to be.

“The righteous will be in everlasting remembrance”

R. I. P

Andrew Haddad

I thank God for the life of this Great Visionary servant of Christ. For dedicating his life resources to get the Good News to reach the many. Thank you Dr. EDMUND for investing in my life. Rest In Peace.

Revd. Canon Emmanuel NATANIA BANDI

There is no measure to define the height, the depth, the width of the Obedience of Dr John. All over the world we all salute him as a General of the faith who never seized in his faith, his actions and his mission. In a capacity of Field Representative in Africa, Facilitator and RC in the International training as well as developing locally – life changed forever after my Singapore Haggai encounter in 1997. I always ask the question “What if he never pursued the vision?” But, he did and it impacted the world to never be the same again.

Doc you were faithful till the end – your legacy is impossible to erase. You ‘raised” a phenomenal team around you who are equipped, geared and ready to continue. We as Alumni will endeavor to continue to support and help spread the vision. We agree with Dr Bev, this Ministry will excel and remain relevant in brining the solutions so needed in this broken world.

From The Captain and Me – Thank you Doc! Looking forward to the Haggai Corner in Heaven.

Enjoy the presence of Our Lord whom you lived to serve – your “Haggaians” will meet you right there in the sweet by and by!

Magda Odendaal

Dr.John Edmund Haggai

A missionary for the Living God
A revolutionary in training Leaders
A visionary par excellence
An extraordinary writer
An emissary sent by God.
A legendary Leader.
A luminary for many like me.

Premkumar Samuel