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A Great Leader will duplicate more greater leaders to do the same passion to carry out same vision of the love lost souls. Thank you Dr John Edmund Haggai till we meet again with celebration.

Frankie Koh Eng Kee

Dr.Haggai’s passing away is a big blow to the globe. He was a man with a mission and had the skill to network at high places with politicians all around the world. I admire him for being so radical about thinking that Gospel needs to be given by indigenous people to their own community. I had the pleasure to meet him in person in 2009 and spend few minutes with him when I had gone to his institute for SLS seminar. He was old but even at that age he was very energetic and sharp in thinking. Those few days I stayed and learned in Maui were life Changing and I want to thank Dr.Haggai for creating such an institution and opportunity for me to meet many colleagues who were leaders around the world.

Dr. Haggai was a missionary and he wanted to make the institute self reliant and had discussions with me on how to ensure continuous funding for the survival of the institute instead of depending on few donors who regularly provided for each of these courses.

Dr, Haggai was a man with a mission and he ran the race well. I will cherish all my life the conversation I had with Dr. Haggai.

I hope that I too can run the race as well as Dr.Haggai so that I can meet him with Jesus Christ once my days are over in this world.

He has been a great blessing for Indian leaders who have been trained at his institute and are doing a great Job in India.

I want to thank our Lord Jesus for the Life of Dr.Haggai🙏


Joiel Akilan ( Mumbai, India)

Joiel Akilan

I am immensely grateful to Dr. John Edmund Haggai for embarking on the journey to make Evangelization his life mission. His decision to reach out to nations who were hungry for the Lord by creating local leaders has truly impacted thousands of life and my life personally. Today we wake up each morning fully aware of our mission for Christ and work to live out that mission daily. I pray that he finds rest in the Lord, rest assured that Haggai International will continue to grow by leaps and bounds through the capable hands of the management team with the power of the Holy Spirit, to end Gospel Poverty once and for all. May J.E. Haggai Rest in Peace.

Michael Xavier

I am naturally saddened at the passing of this great man of faith, but in the same breath I am motivated to continue his legacy by championing ever more passionately the cause that was dearest to his heart – advancing the Kingdom of God.

Being a Haggai alumni was a dream of mine for so many years and I am thrilled I managed to achieve this a few years ago.

Here’s to a true legend who impacted so many lives and whose work will continue to grow inexorably, even in his absence.

Jaimie Oliver Garande

Obrigado Senhor por nos ter dado o privilégio de aprender com a vida do DR HAGGAI.

Um homem, uma visão, um projeto que abençoe milhares de pessoas, e com o legado deixado, certamente há de abençoar muitas outras….
Tive o privilégio de levar R RUSSEL SHEDD até Aguas de Lindóia para um encontro com DR HAGGAI… Que experiência maravilhoso ver estes dois SERVOS DE DEUS JUNTOS…
Que haja em nosso corações um sentimento profundo de gratidão pela vida deste HOMEM DE DEUS que depois de uma longa e árdua jornada de trabalho e bênçãos, hoje descansa nos braços do Pai.