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Since 2013 I have been writing about the ministry that Dr Haggai initiated to donors here in the UK. To read his story and hear his amazing legacy left with his words “Attempt something so great for God, it’s doomed to failure unless God be in it.” is inspirational.

His legacy for life and his passion that we all fulfill our unique influential part of the jigsaw within the big picture that only God sees and calls us to will remain and inspire us to go on to do so much more.

God bless all those who know and love Dr Haggai personally. We can celebrate a life lived to the full and many many lives around the world impacted by the Gospel in ways that only became possible through his obedience to the call God placed on his life.

Alison Glasspool

Dr. John Haggai was a name fully recognize in the arena of Gospel workers all along 1969 till he breathed his last. As I was graduated from SIBS in 1969, they have opened a door to witness among the most needy and beloved people Muslims, where my heart was. As I was ploughing into the field I was invited by Dr. Varghese Kattapuram who was my professor in the, same, Seminary also that year in 1971, he, was a faculty in Haggai Institute in Singapore. He said there is a ticket available CV John why not join me.? There I had no intension to run away from my priority. This event kept me open to the ministry of Haggai ministry focussed in my mind, coz the trained ones were great leaders in the global community par excellent.

So when the time came I was able to see my one and only wife getting this training in Singapore in 1991, then my first son V C John, also was able to get in and, be blessed in 2019 in USA. I was a very enthusiast to encourage many to take up this 21 days program.

I am still looking forward to see this program be promoted to maximum candidates . Dr John Haggai ‘s vision met the most essential need of finding focussed evangelism by committed people. As, I look back there is much to thank God for the life and mission of Dr. John Haggai, to whom only the Almighty can reward adequately. Here I wonder why many wait for some one to go ahead and some, others to follow them, thinking that world is too small.

No, any life committed to Christ is a unique species. God honors, such one to lead many sons of men to the Son of God.

My family join in this tribute to thank God for Dr. John Edmund Haggai there is no condolences but I feel celebrated his entry to the heavenly portal. Let the CEO of Haggai Institute and the teams, do the rest of the unfinished task in the Kingdom of God.

What, Jesus said, about John the Baptist is very significant, as the greatest among the men born of women, but those who are least in His kingdom are greater than the John the Baptist.” A-men.’

C V John

Thank You Dr. John Haggai. You are a great blessing in my life, My family, my ministério

Thank you

Luis Felipe Mendes do Nascimento

He served His master faithfully,
He glorified the Lord in his ministry,
Thank God for giving you a vision that helped the kingdom of God grow.
May the Lord comfort your family with the Holy Spirit.

​​​​​​​But the wise will shine ​​​​​​like the brightness of the heavenly expanse. ​​​​​​And those bringing many to righteousness ​​​​​​will be like the stars forever and ever. (Dan 12:3 )

Bassam Michel Bakouni

Haggai International was a real blessing in my life and ministry. Thank you, John Haggai. We´re so grateful for your life dedicated to train leaders from the developing countries.
Singapore alumnus – 1986

Fred Silva