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My wife Kitty and I received the news of JEH’s passing with sadness and strangely enough with joy as well. While we loss a giant of the Christian faith, I am convinced the heavenly hosts are throwing a huge party in welcoming JEH home!

His passing is not only a loss to the worldwide Christian community, the land of China has lost a true friend and a compassionate, selfless champion co-labourer of the Church.

His well-known and well-loved statement “Attempt something so great for God that unless God is in it, it is doomed to failure” bears testimony to the character and integrity of the man. He was a trailblazer, a pioneer, a champion and a visionary in his singlemindedness toward his calling. He dared to go where angels fear to tread because he was a man of prayer and a man of obedience to his Lord’s command.

My wife and I can’t think of a better way to honour and to thank him for his legacy and leadership than to continue ministering in the great land of China. JEH through his love for the people of China opened the door for Edward to serve in that land and even in the post-Haggai ministry era, Edward is still actively involved in this ministry.

JEH ran his race with compassion. dedication, dignity, singlemindedness and courage – and he finished his course. Like David of old, when JEH had served God’s purpose in his own generation, he fell asleep….(Acts 13:36).

Thank you for the privilege of ministering under your leadership , we honour and salute you, Dr. John.

Edward & Kitty Yu

Dr. Haggai,

I will never forget as long as I live that I’m who I’m today because of you!!

Dr. Michel Khalil
Founder and CEO
Step Forward Global Ministries

Dr. Michel Khalil

Dear servants of the Most High living God!
Much Christian greetings in Jesus Holy name!It’s by God’s grace and mercy to get your ministry contact.We’re touched  with your teachings and encouraged by readings from your ministry website and kindly please share more with us and help us with your ministry’s printed  teaching materials  for they will help us in our young growing fellowship to grow spiritually  and win more souls to come to our Saving Lord Jesus Christ.My Mission is to advance the Gospel of the Kingdom of God by the power of the Holy Spirit.Aiming to share the good news about Lord Jesus Christ about His joy, happiness, peace, love & His gift of abundant life here on earth and in Heaven.We humbly pray and request you to help us to know more about God’s Holy word as per  His own will. Please our beloved in Christ  share the word of God with us and we kindly hope that God will bless as you agree to share more His word to us for His Kingdom purposes. Our prayers is to bring many to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ the Lord.
We will be happy to read from you in Jesus name.
Much thanks!

Yours in His Holy service, Brother Job & Sister Calister.

Job Mokua Ezekiel

Thank you for your faithful service. My Haggai training was a life changer. Today, I still use those essons to train many including a new generation of Bible School students. Our training in Maui (2008) not only opened my eyes to valuable leadership principles but helped me connect with saints from different parts of the globe. May your labor of love live on for the Glory of our Father.


His life was a Seed for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The fruits thereof shall abide to His blessed memory. And may they be worthy of a crown of glory in Heaven. ADIEU, DR. HAGGAI