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*A Short Tribute to the Man with Burning Passion for the Gospel*

“Then I heard a voice from heaven say, ‘Write this: *Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on* .’ ‘Yes,’ says the Spirit, ‘they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.'” (Rev. 14:13)

There is no better tribute to the Great man of God and Vision Bearer of Haggai International, Dr. John Edmund Haggai, than the above scriptural passage.

Dr Haggai attempted great things for God and positively inspired, equipped and impacted his generation with the Kingdom and Gospel consciousness. God gave him a vision and he vigorously pursued that vision till death. It is only God that can explain the fiery compassionate heart with which he passionately dispensed the word of God. His voice was so thunderous as he preached from conviction. He was a man of faith, eloquent, exegetical and apologetic. His goal was to End Gospel Poverty, and that vision every Haggai Leader must pursue. He has joined the Church triumphant and the cloud of witnesses. Indeed, Blessed is the death of the righteous as he goes home to rest from his labours.
*Rest On Sir!*

*Bishop Manasses Okere*
Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion
(154671 Nigeria M1805)

Bishop Manasses Okere

Tuve la oportunidad de viajar hasta Maui, USA en el 2017, para participar en un entrenamiento de líderes cristianos, cuya convocatoria llevó a 60 participantes de diferentes partes del mundo.

Un privilegio conocer a John E. Haggai, su visión y ministerio, usado para extender el Reino de Dios aquí en la tierra. Un ministro y embajador del Reino de Dios.

Hoy en Chile, a través de Haggai Chile, estamos dedicados a la tarea encomendada por nuestro Señor Jesucristo. Así es que la influencia y la visión del doctor Haggai continúa aquí y ahora, mientras él puede disfrutar de la presencia de nuestro Señor Jesús.

Dios es fiel y bueno.
Has algo tan grande que esté destinado al fracaso a menos que Dios esté en ello.

Manuel Hormazabal Soto

I have clear memories when Dr. John Edmund Haggai was visited Chile in 2013. But greater brand produced in me having participated in the Advance Training Leadership in Maui in 2009, however do not imagine that my peers would honor me to preside over Haggai International Chile since 2017 and I exceed my expectations in being able to travel to Bali, Indonesia with my wife and be able to represent my country and celebrate the 50 years in 2019 , along with more than 600 leaders from 69 countries. It is great ministry with a mantle of special blessing.

We have inherited a great Vision and Mission for the next 50 years and although this ministry bears the surname of his founder it is totally Christocentric, focused on two fundamental pillars that are Leadership and Evangelism and does not exist without each other.

I am sincerely honored to share with colleagues and brothers and to be able to tell you that Haggai is my ministry. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Tomás Urtubia

Dr John Edmund Haggai – A true Hero of the Faith who had partnered and furthered the Kingdom of God in a revolutionary way. His vision of evangelism is unique and have touched millions of hearts to conversion for Christ. A man who had not wavered in his vision until a ripe old age. Always remembered for his steadfastness and valour in the faith. You fought a good fight and finished the race set before you. Rest in Peace.

David Andrew Asirvathm

The year 2020 stands out remarkably as a year that witnessed the glorious homeward journey of some great Christian world transformers including, Morris Cerullo, Ravi Zacharia, and now our great Haggai Institute founder Dr John Edmund Haggai. We celebrate the life and ministry of this “General of God, mentor, model and legacy builder”, who influenced great Christian leaders across the world. By God’s grace, I happen to be one of them. My life and ministry today have been greatly influenced by the Haggai Institute training I received in 1998 and the 12 years I served as pioneer director of Haggai Institute for French-speaking Africa. We pray that the legacy of “lives saved, books written, training centers created and especially leaders empowered” through the Haggai institute will continue to vibrate through several generations and into eternity.
Dr Daniel SHU
Pioneer Regional Rep
French speaking Africa

Daniel SHU