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I first met Dr Haggai in 1980 when on the Pastoral team of Christian Life Centre, Ringwood, Victoria, AUSTRALIA where Senior Pastor Russell Hooper invited Dr Haggai to minister one weekend packed with his dynamic ministry of preaching the Word of God. He challenged us all to “give money for sending Bibles to China!” The Holy Spirit spoke to me to “empty my Bank Account, joyfully I obeyed the Lord!

DR HAGGAI was a Mentor of mine; a friend of my parents, Colin + Kath Teague in Adelaide SAUST; a friend of mine; as was his Dad, Waddy Haggai who asked me to call him “Dad Haggai” when visiting HI. Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia USA, and being a guest in his family home in 1987!

Dr. HAGGAI A MAN OF GOD; a man of the WORD; a man of passion and zeal for the KINGDOM OF GOD; a man of compassion for lost and hurting people.


Sincerely for the Kingdom of GOD,
Merrilyn M. Teague

Rev. Merrilyn M. Teague
Honorary Pastor of A.A.C.Church Adelaide South Australia
National Advisor OCF. AUSTRALIA.
Monday 30th November 2020

AACC – Austral Asian Community Chch.
OCF. – Overseas Christian Fellowship


NB: adding to my TRIBUTE just now

Here in VICTORIA,!AUSTRALIA Pastor Russell Hooper, the Senior Pastor of Christian Life Centre, also sadly died on Friday 13th November 2020. He was aged 88years rejoicing in Glory now.

Dr Haggai joined him five days later!

These two men, dynamic Leaders of Churches and both men of vision and men of the Word and men of integrity.

Refer to my original Tribute of Dr John Haggai being the Guest Speaker of the Church in Melbourne Victoria AUSTRALIA, which invited Dr. Haggai in 1980 and there two men of God, met for the first time, and now both are rejoicing together in the Presence of Jesus Christ, our precious Saviour and glorious LORD “having run the race and finished the course with joy,”




I am pleased to say how the Haggai Ministry has impacted my life.

Even though I didn’t met Haggai physically, but I met with people transformed by the Haggai international, JB Mugarura is the one who pioneered YFC/Rwanda, I joined them in 2009, in their program of SLD (School of Leadership and Discipleship), he doesn’t seased to say how Haggai institute has changed his Life, so I am serving in YFC as a ministry Coordinator in Northern Chapter, I am pleased that Haggai institute Rwanda, has organized a local sessions, it shaped my thinking about Evangelism, and I am more than read to end the Gospel Poverty!

Thanks Haggai for your Life worthy of the Kingdom of the most High, Jehovah!

Nteziyaremye Jonathan

I am beyond grateful for Dr. Haggai’s radical vision, obedience and faith in our great God! His impact for the Great Commission is clear globally and to me personally. In 1998 I was invited to visit one of the Haggai SLS trainings in Singapore to observe what had been happening. In the 10 days that I was there my life was completely changed! One cannot go there to simply “observe”. God opened my eyes and my heart towards a journey of surrender and obedience to the call of the Great Commission.

In the subsequent years I had many opportunities to visit Dr. Haggai in Atlanta. I am blessed and humbled that in every encounter, no matter how brief, Dr. Haggai continued to amaze, inspire and energize my journey.

More than ever we need to focus on the urgency of ending Gospel poverty.

On behalf of the Haggai Australia Board, we celebrate the life of Dr. John Edmund Haggai.

Martin Kristiaman, HI Australia Chair

Martin Kristiaman

God is looking for people willing to be used by Him. Dr. Haggai stood in the gap and said, “Here I am, send me.” His legacy is to prepare, equip and ship. God allow all alumni to remain firm in our commitment to respond positively to the calls of our Lord Jesus.

Jose Luis Maturana