Not Just the Light

Not Just The Light

Within five months of returning home after the Haggai Leader Experience, Indonesia’s Clara Lukman and 59 other sisters have been busy proclaiming the Good News.

Clara prepares three generations in her church to take the Gospel to others

Clara’s first article was published in her parish magazine, and it focuses on how to be a disciple of Christ, reach out to others with Gospel, and not stay in our comfort zones. She encourages others not to “just be the light, but be the lighthouse.”

She has also shared the Gospel with several families and helped prepare them for the Easter season. Additionally, 123 youth have joined the church’s confirmation class, and 60 of them are interested in being baptized.

“I fully acknowledge that my strength comes from Him, and through Him, I can do all things,” says Sister Clara. “Keep us in your prayers so that we can still stand and continue to proclaim the Word of God no matter where He sends us.”


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