The Gospel on the Seas

The Gospel On The Seas

André Cardoso, advisor of personnel of the navy of Brazil and auxiliary pastor for this church, says that the Haggai Leader Experience has allowed him to more effectively share the Gospel with his military organization.

André Cardoso

“Haggai broadened my knowledge of sharing the Gospel and discipleship and was a powerful driving force in my personal and ministerial life,” André says. “After the experience, I came out of simple knowledge and initiated effective actions to achieve discipleship and missions goals that grew in my spirit after the Maui training.”

André’s hometown, São Paulo, is a megalopolis with more than 12 million people. As the 10th richest city in the world, sharing the Gospel presents unique challenges, as the people are mostly reserved and have a great sense of self-sufficiency. It is not easy to help them see their need for the Lord.

This doesn’t stop André, though. Since completing his training, André has trained 150 leaders in the church and Navy at local Haggai Seminars. He has become actively involved in Haggai Brazil as a church facilitator and helps lead several Christian military organizations.

A meeting in André’s Navy organization.

“Through the door opened by Haggai International, besides being a local teacher, I am part of the Union of Christian Evangelical Military Officers (UMCEB) attached to the Association of Military Christian Fellowships (AMCF), and I have free access to prayer meetings in the State Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (ALESP),” he says.

André says that completing the Haggai Leader Experience comes with an expectation for great insight and leadership. “Haggai is well-known to Christians here in Brazil,” André says. “On one hand, being an international Haggai leader opens many doors and enables new relationship contacts, bringing greater breadth to the training and presenting of the Gospel. On the other hand, my obligation to develop above-average work to maintain the good name of Haggai International grows a lot.”

André hopes to live up to this reputation and train as many people as he can in sharing the Gospel. Every day, he strives to “train leaders by renewing their minds with the certainty that God’s power operating in us can make all the difference.”

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