Great is Thy Faithfulness

Great is Thy Faithfulness

As I write this in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Haggai International, we have just surpassed 114,000 leaders equipped! Praise God! We have been blessed to see a 30 percent increase (2018 over 2017) in International equipping and a 40%+ increase in National Seminars across the globe. We crossed the 5,000 mark for National leaders equipped for the first year ever (the previous high was 3,808) – and all the seminars held in December have not yet been reported.

When I look back on the accomplishments of Haggai International, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for God’s faithfulness over the last 50 years. David’s “Song of Thanks” in 1 Chronicles 16: 8-36 comes to mind: “Seek the LORD and His strength; seek His presence continually! Remember the wondrous works that He has done” (v 11-12).

We have been blessed to see a 30 percent increase (2018 over 2017) in International equipping and a 40%+ increase in National Seminars across the globe.

We give Him all the praise for the impact of this global community of leaders focused on the Great Commission – you, the Haggai leaders, the faculty, and the staff. We are blessed to be a part of this vision of seeing the Gospel message advance across the globe!

A huge part of the power of our global community is our National Ministries in 117 countries. In November, I had the joy of visiting Hyderabad, India, where Haggai India and 500 leaders celebrated the 30th anniversary of this National Ministry. They have equipped over 78,000 leaders in International, National, and Local Seminars. We’re rejoicing at how God is using them to advance the Gospel in one of the two largest Gospel poor nations in the world. Anniversaries are a wonderful time of remembering and celebrating the past.

Recently, I read an article related to this that made a very poignant point: “You must never let your memories of the past exceed your hopes and dreams for the future.” While we celebrate the vision that God gave Dr. Haggai – his obedience and commitment, resulting in significant impact for the Kingdom – we also have huge dreams for the future. The world that “God so loved” is crying out for that which only Jesus can bring.

How DO we reach 29 percent of the world’s population who are the Gospel poor and have had no opportunity to hear and respond to the Good News about Jesus? This question has us dreaming BIG, dreaming how to reach them, and dreaming how to equip more leaders to demonstrate and present the Gospel. We know the model works! It has exponential impact and sustainable momentum. It is imperative that we accelerate the work of reaching those living in the greatest poverty of all. AND, WE WILL!

I know that you, too, dream of getting the Gospel to the whole world. I look forward to our conversation in the next months around this vision, as we think innovatively and creatively about how to exponentially increase our efforts. We are grateful for your partnership and commitment to end Gospel poverty.

For the Gospel!

Dr. Bev Upton Williams
Haggai International

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