“Since the Haggai Leader Experience, I am burdened and empowered to perform mission work for God’s Kingdom,” says Ana Martinez. “I’ve been sharing nonstop with my friends about the revelations that came to me while at the experience. I started as early as sharing the Gospel to my seatmate on the plane ride to Manila – it’s like the Lord gave me a practice session!”

Since returning home, Ana has led a session called “Knowing Jesus” at her church’s youth camp, has spoken about stewardship at her church’s stewardship retreat, and started encouraging the church leadership to “undertake more meaningful and bolder mission work.”

Youth take part in a “Knowing Jesus” session at Ana’s church.

Soon she will share the Gospel on a local radio show and lead a training session for the young adults at her church to convict their hearts for missions and train them on sharing the Gospel.


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