The Response Was Amazing

The Response Was Amazing

A seminar held by Haggai leader Socorro Puga. She uses classes and seminars to pass on her skills she learned at the Haggai Leader Experience.

Six months after training, Socorro Puga has dived into life after the Haggai Leader Experience with “excitement and ready to share the Good News of Jesus Christ to those around [her].” First, she began sharing with her home church, family, and friends. Socorro says that “the blessing of sharing and the response of others were amazing.”

Next, she began equipping others to share the Gospel through classes and seminars using the skills she learned at the experience. A group of four people that attended these classes took it a step further and started teaching with Socorro. Two Saturdays a month, or once a week if requested, she and her group share the Gospel, appeal for a verdict, and conduct discipleship classes. Thirty-five to 50 people have received the Word of God, and some are now even attending church.

In addition to all of that, Socorro has worked on the mission policies for her church and attended a missions conference for women. She has also had the opportunity to preach at a ladies group from another Christian organization. Socorro says, “It has been a blessing to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” and she promises to “keep up the good work, as the Holy Spirit leads [her] to those who still need to hear the Good News of Jesus.”


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