The Ripple Effect Of Haggai Leaders In The Philippines

The Ripple Effect Of Haggai Leaders In The Philippines

God is on the move in the Philippines! Recently, Haggai Chief of Operations Bryce Norton joined 200 Haggai leaders in the Philippines for their 37th Annual General Assembly.

There, he had the privilege of meeting with General Mao Aplasca and his top generals – all of whom have been through our five-day seminar.

General Mao Aplasca with Haggai COO Bryce Norton

He writes:

It was so inspiring to hear of the progress these Haggai leaders have been making in the Philippines. In the past year, they sent about 280 police officers to train with Haggai. It was so inspiring to hear their testimonies! They now have plans to equip nearly 500 more police officers with the tools needed to boldly share the Gospel through the seminars. 

More encouraging news was the promotion of General Aplasca to oversee the 180,000-strong national police force and his vision to transform it entirely through our seminars! 

There is no doubt God is at work in the Philippines! It was also incredible to hear about opportunities with commanders in the army and in the prison system.

Haggai leader Randolf is a local prison warden who attended our National Seminar last year. Upon completion of the Seminar, he began to set goals to influence higher level people in his community. Through his influence, another local prison warden, who is not a believer yet, now requires all of her staff to attend a weekly Bible study with Randolf! Randolf also found a similar opportunity with the local army regiment.

These are just samples of the great work that is being done in the Philippines, where all government agencies are encouraged to provide spiritual enrichment to their staff. Our representative Susan Chomi and the many Haggai leaders in the Philippines are working hard to see an entire culture redeemed and transformed by the Gospel! Praise God for these amazing opportunities for the Gospel and for our National Seminars!


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  1. Prayers being answered. Gospel being brought to the men and women in uniform here in the PI. I am a HL involved in the Great Commission under the Bless Our Cops and Soldiers (BOCS) and Mailitary Christian Fellowship (MCF) here in Northern Philippines. To God be the glory.

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