Joguy Temedjon proves that sharing the Gospel can be done in a secular setting. As a lecturer of law at Universities in Africa, Joguy says he has been able to reach his students with the Gospel by providing a welcoming class setting.

“Some students have testified about my approach of lecturing at universities, and some have opened their hearts by inviting Jesus to come and stay and lead their life when they were not seeing the hope to live,” he says.

He has made such an impact on the students that students prefer taking his classes over the classes of other lecturers at the university.

“My most passionate desire and goal is to see the transformation of university students so that God can use them in positions of leadership, especially to bring justice to the nation,” Joguy says.

Haggai leader Joguy Temedjon’s (center) chief vision is to mentor students to live their lives for Christ.

Reaching students is not without its challenges, and Joguy says that poverty and poor mentalities often distract them from seeing that their country is spiritually rich and blessed by God.

But Joguy is hopeful that God has equipped him with the necessary skills at the Haggai Leader Experience to set about changing these paradigms.

“The training changed me by shifting the paradigms and helping me to grow in different aspects of my life,” he says, “from managing of finances and helping others as a steward of the Lord, to keeping the faith and continuing to work toward my vision and goals.”

Joguy, as executive director of the Haggai International Cameroon Association, trains other leaders through different Regional and National Seminars. He has trained more than 250 leaders at these seminars, as well as 350 in professional domains, and 100 in other seminars.

Cameroon, though spiritually rich and blessed by God, is at a crucial turning point for the future of the country. The 2018 presidential election is causing tension between the Anglophone and Francophone regions, which are each accusing the government of preferential treatment of the other region.

“I encourage everyone, in order to help my nation, to pick a language of peace,” Joguy says, “to train leaders who fear the Lord and equip them through Haggai seminars. May God continue to help us in the mobilization of the leadership field.”

We are sorry to report that Joguy Temedjon passed away in June 2018. The impact of his work continues.