Miguel Cantu Gonzales began 2020 with audacious plans for Haggai’s National Seminars in Mexico. Miguel, who serves as Nuevo Leon’s director general of tourism, in addition to serving with Haggai, had helped plan several strategic events and seminars to equip new Haggai leaders in Mexico.

“The pandemic arrived, and our annual plan for 2020 – 2021 was blown into smithereens. It was almost comical.”

Within a few short weeks, every in-person event planned for the year was postponed and eventually cancelled. But instead of getting discouraged, Miguel and his cohorts got creative.

“We prayed, connected online, and soon we were pouring strength and courage into one another. We prayerfully decided we were going to have a virtual National Seminar. All for Jesus! We had several work meetings to organize the event; we made a program; the facilitators prepared; and the manual we had was adapted to a virtual format.”

Miguel Cantu Gonzales

The first virtual seminar for national Haggai leaders in Mexico kicked off in early July. For four weeks, 26 participants met virtually and went through seven leadership modules on topics related to Gospel poverty, leadership, discipline, and administration. They encountered a few technical glitches along the way, but eventually, the facilitators and participants found an effective rhythm for interacting through the courses.

One of the 26 participants called the experience, “Excellent. Very professional and interactive at all times. It generated a lot of interesting discussion and was able to adequately moderate complicated topics.”

Though Miguel and his team were initially hesitant about the viability of the new format, they became convinced that not only is a virtual experience effective, it can open doors to make an even greater impact than he had previously imagined for Haggai International’s presence in Mexico.

“Technology has no borders and gives access to more people. We emerged strong and convinced that this is God’s way for us ahead. This is the new normal. We have been richly blessed.”