With every advancement comes both great challenge and the potential for great reward.

The smart phone introduced us to the ability to pay our bills, order food, watch a movie, video chat with someone across the world, buy a pair of shoes, post our thoughts on politics, trade our stocks, dislike someone else’s political views, or share a pic of the food we just ordered with our “followers,” while simultaneously ignoring the person sitting across the table from us.

There is nothing like watching a family share a meal together while they all just stare at their phones. Maybe you have been there and done that; smart phones or laptops or whatever new gadgets are on their way are not intrinsically corrupt, but how we incorporate cultural and technological advancements into our daily lives can be. My kids playing the game Minecraft all day on the family laptop is not ideal, but the fact that they can now, during a pandemic, still attend school online with a highly qualified teacher and their great classmates is amazing and is turning out to be a great reward.

The ability to fly leaders all over the world for the in-person Haggai Leader Experience is currently paused due to travel restrictions, but our capability to virtually equip leaders is now more critical to the mission of getting the Gospel to those who do not have it than ever. By God’s providence, the Haggai team was already in the middle of developing and building a new innovative digital platform way before the first case of COVID-19 was ever reported, and that is God’s grace on this ministry. While traditional western missions are in a major holding pattern, the Haggai model of global missions is flourishing, and the advancement of technology is turning out to meet this great challenge that is yielding great rewards. By God’s grace and provision, we truly believe that the virtual Haggai Leader Experience is the next innovation in equipping leaders to end Gospel poverty. We do not see this as a replacement to our in-person equipping, but rather a pioneering addition to our capabilities. In this edition of THE THREE, I want to draw your focus to THREE of the many rewards that are being yielded through this latest advancement.


The Virtual Haggai Leader Experience has generated the instantaneous return of the leaders being able to advance the Gospel in their own nations that very day. It gives them the aptitude to give their new-found goals and practices trail runs while receiving feedback from the Haggai faculty as well as their fellow leaders who are participating in the virtual community. The immediate impact is one of those great rewards that we never saw coming.


Visas and travel restrictions have always acted as a potential barrier for our international leaders to be able to attend an in-person Haggai Leader Experience, whether in a pandemic or not. A very strategically positioned Christian leader was denied a visa multiple times due to the Middle East nation that he resided from and was not able to experience the Haggai equipping community. With the advancement and implementation of virtual equipping, this leader is one of Haggai’s newest leaders and is now reaching people in a whole new way.


We now have the capacity to launch new virtual equipping sessions each month and the ability to facilitate multiple equipping sessions simultaneously, which means more leaders can be equipped. We are no longer bound by physical space restrictions, and with a plethora of qualified faculty all over the world, we can equip more leaders who then go and prepare 100+ more leaders to do the same. We are innovating our new digital platform to give our leaders credentialed access to the same technology platform for their use within their own nations.

Together, we can end Gospel poverty,

Dustin Willis
Chief Marketing Officer