Just one year ago, on a weekend in late February, Haggai leaders and donors gathered outside of Atlanta, Georgia, for Haggai International’s annual Global Summit. Friends had traveled from multiple continents for a weekend of workshops, seminars and a celebration of efforts to fight Gospel poverty across the globe. There was a low buzz of concerned chatter about the emerging coronavirus, but the central focus remained on the Gospel work ahead.

Little did anyone know that the world would change irrevocably in just a matter of days.

The year since has been filled with challenges, thwarted plans and unimaginable loss. But for the 124,000 Haggai leaders serving in 189 nations, it has also been filled with hope. Leaders serving in churches were tasked with ministering remotely. Leaders in the areas of government and education were confronted with unimaginable obstacles. And leaders serving in healthcare were asked to put their very lives on the line.

On February 28, 2021, thousands of members of the Haggai family gathered online to  recognize and celebrate the ways that Haggai leaders rose to the challenge of the worst health crisis in a generation.

At the Virtual Global Summit, more than 3,000 leaders, donors, volunteers and prayer partners came together from around the world to take a virtual trip to the global frontlines.

Hosted by Haggai leader Sam Rufus, Chief Marketing Officer Dustin Willis and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Bev Upton-Williams, the Virtual Global Summit featured the stories of four leaders working to end Gospel poverty in four countries:

  • In Argentina, Jane Caldcleaugh shared about her work fighting human trafficking and ministering to at-risk women in Buenos Aires.
  • In the Philippines, the audience met Dr. Jasmin Jamora and saw her dress in multiple layers of PPE to conduct her daily consultations and pray with her patients.
  • Joining on a zoom call from Ecuador, church planter Cruz Paniagua told stories of planting more than 2,000 churches in Central and South America.
  • And in El Salvador, Dr. Victor Segura took us into a COVID unit, where he treats, counsels and prays for patients fighting for their lives.

Viewers were also treated to two inspiring tributes to Haggai International founder Dr. John Edmund Haggai, who passed away in November 2020. Pastor Johnny Hunt and Haggai Chief Global Research Officer John Bachman shared fond memories and reflections on the mentor and friend who taught them to “attempt something so big for God that it is doomed to fail lest God be in it.”

For those who were unable to watch on 2/28, you can view the 2021 Virtual Global Summit Here: