Hope For Sri Lanka

Hope For Sri Lanka

Read the update sent by Haggai representative Rebecca Vedamanikam on the bombings in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan military officers conduct inspections inside the St. Sebastians church where a bomb blast took place in the town of Negombo, 30kms from Colombo, Sri Lanka, on April 22, 2019.

Suren Goonesekara, president of the alumni association in Sri Lanka, was traveling to the main airport in Colombo to meet Prof. Arthur Dhanaraj, who was there to arrange the Faculty Development Seminar. Suren himself is from Negombo, where one of the biggest Catholic churches was targeted.

Another Haggai leader, called Krishanthi, reports that police interrupted the morning service at the People’s Church, asking the pastor to disperse the congregation immediately. The church has over 6,000 members.

Krishanthi said, “If we die, at least we have something to hope for – but most people out there have nothing. This is something we need to address and minister to at this time.”

The pastor at an independent church, recommended for the International Haggai Leader Experience, was out of town, but 30 members of his congregation were injured. His wife and other church members have been at the hospital, supporting medical staff.

Many of the Montfort Brothers – a Roman Catholic order – are Haggai leaders. One of their priests, who was conducting mass at St. Anthony’s Church, escaped injury because at the time of the blast he had moved up to the altar.

Rep. Rebecca Vedamanikam comments: “Every Haggai leader I spoke to sounded very calm. That was what surprised me about all I spoke to – they were all so calm, not upset or frantic. Once the curfew is lifted, I am sure the Haggai leaders in the country will address all issues, for they are determined to bring hope to the people.”


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