The story of the Gospel begins with a baby. Not with great fanfare, and not with a warrior king, but with a young family in a humble stable, welcoming a new life into the world. God sent His Son in the most vulnerable human form — revealing His care for the smallest among us.

As a neonatologist at one of Colombia’s premier hospitals, Haggai leader Dr. Adriana Ballesteros Castro helps families in those first delicate, miraculous moments of life.

“I am in charge of the critical babies of the unit, and I believe that my best contributions are inadequate nutrition for premature babies, to reduce infant mortality and in being very detailed with each problem, which makes me anticipate potential adverse outcomes. My other contribution is in ​​clinical research. It saddens me when a baby deteriorates due to infections or lung damage, or has serious, incurable illnesses, so we support families spiritually to help them accept the loss or a miraculous cure.”

Dr. Adriana oversees a newborn’s care in the neonatal unit.

The daughter of a surgeon, Adriana fell in love with medicine early. As she progressed in her career and her faith, she saw a unique opportunity to serve her patients and minister to those in need.

“I believe that God always showed me the way and opened doors for things to happen and then allowed me to work in the Colombian Association of Neonatology, leading the processes of continuous education and advising the Ministry of Health on policies for babies and their families. From here I have a space to be heard to try to repeal laws that endanger the unborn.”

Dr. Adriana Ballesteros Castro

Though she accepted Christ at a young age, Adriana drifted spiritually as an adult. She rededicated her life at the age of 40, an experience she describes as a “rebirth.” She attended the Haggai Leader Experience (HLE) in 2016, and in addition to her medical work, she has begun actively ministering to at-risk youth and families in her community.

“Heaviest on my heart are young people who live in low-income environments in my country who feel that they have no hope, the situation of little access to education jobs. They have a difficult life and do not see any way out to have a decent job. I think they need to know about God so as not to deviate from their path and be good men and women.”

As she presses forward in her medical career and in her ministry efforts, Adriana credits the HLE with equipping her to boldly share the Gospel.

“I was afraid of not being heard or rejected when I spoke about God, but now I find the best way and the best time to communicate. I find that the difficulties people go through are an opportunity to reach out to them and make them committed disciples of the Great Commission.”