“I would like to come to a point like Apostle Paul and say, ‘Imitate me as I imitate Christ.’ To be a woman who sacrificed her all, for the dedicated service of Christ Jesus as a faithful forerunner until death, marching to the ends of the earth to see Jesus in our generation.”

Each day, as the information technology manager at an International School in Saudi Arabia, Haggai leader Leena Selvaraj focuses on one thing: connection. From software analysis to the management of technical teams, her goal is to connect people in ways that help them accomplish their mission. When she’s not working at the school, she serves bi-vocationally as a pastor, and that same commitment to connection is evident as she builds relationships and shares the Gospel. When COVID-19 slowed her church’s outreach and street ministry projects, she turned to the tools from her IT career to continue sharing the Good News:

“When the lockdown started, God led me to gather many believers from all around Saudi Arabia and from many countries and start a Bible study online. We have had servants of God joining from the United States, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Bahrain, Malaysia, Ethiopia, South Africa, South America, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Finland, Egypt, France, Germany, Trinidad, and India, where they shared the condition of the nation and we prayed for all the nations. We have finished around 19 books from the Bible and it’s still going by the grace of God.”

Leena facilitating at a Haggai National Seminar.

Leena is one of the hundreds of new Haggai leaders who were equipped with the Virtual Haggai Leader Experience (VHLE), allowing her to continue her day-to-day ministry work while completing the program.

“It was virtual. But still, I felt the power and presence of the Holy Spirit … Through the daily devotions, the eyes of my understanding were enlightened to know the hope of His calling and His inheritance. I was strongly convicted; missions don’t need us. We need missions to survive, and we have to come out of our comfort zone and lay down our lives for the sake of the Gospel and for His Kingdom.”

Leena Selvaraj

Since attending the VHLE, Leena set a goal of sharing the Gospel with 2,000 people. And in just six months, she has shared the Good News with more than 500 individuals. Leena’s church has been part of ministry efforts across Saudi Arabia and has even begun outreach efforts in neighboring countries. Leena is driven by an urgent desire to see her home country transformed through Christ.

“The light of the Gospel has to penetrate all the cities in Saudi Arabia. Arab churches must be planted. Locals from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should attend the VHLE and they should raise up as remnants to carry the Gospel to the nations. Particularly in this region because it is where the stronghold of Islam is. If this nation is opened, all nations will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus.”