Kalyanakumar Jagadeesana of India has certainly hit the ground running after his Haggai Leader Experience.

Returning home to India’s southernmost state of Tamil Nadu at the start of October last year, he immediately developed what he calls a Home Based Evangelistic Tool, to be used by ordinary believers during Christmas to share the Gospel. He backed this up with a day’s training for over 100 pastors and 240 house group leaders.

From the start, he ensured the tool could be used widely. He created a complete user-friendly guide in the local language (Tamil), including a song CD and demo video. He estimates that Christians were able to reach out to 10,000 non-Christians in the city of Chennai. Next year he hopes to expand that to 100,000 people, mobilising 20,000 to 30,000 believers.

The initiative has already laid the groundwork for wider collaboration. In January, energized by his time at Haggai, Kalyanakumar convened a gathering of no fewer than 350 bishops and church leaders representing all 32 districts in Tamil Nadu and 18 states across the country. Dr. Satish Kumar, Pastor of the largest church in India (200,000), shared the vision to unite and serve together as one body in Christ.

This is amazing. Christians in India have so often had difficulty working together. Says Kalyanakumar, “Thank God for new platforms of influence! I am grateful to God for opening doors!”