Dr. Nitin Joseph is the son of one of the earliest Haggai International leaders in Mumbai. As a medical superintendent and physician at N.M. Wadia Hospital, Nitin uses his talents to continue his father’s passion of winning souls for Christ.

“I desire to equip believers with the teachings of the Word of God so that they can boldly answer questions posed by people of other faiths and agnostics,” Nitin states.

But Nitin has faced some push back from government agencies.

“There are increasing inquiries and scrutiny from government agencies,” says Nitin, “and I get feedback that preaching the Gospel is becoming difficult, and existing churches are threatened there.”

Nitin uses the skills he learned at the Haggai Leader Experience in 1998 to be more effective with his ministries and train others to do so, as well.

“The training increased my faith and my dependance on Jesus,” Nitin says. “It also broadened my perspective.”

Nitin leads several different groups and puts his focus on Bible teaching and the active spread of the Gospel. He works to make missions hospitals sustainable and to guide Christian health professionals and make them “more spiritually alive and fervent for the Gospel.”

“I started a Bible study fellowship among doctors in Miraj,” Nitin shares. “We then shifted to Pune, and I facilitated a Bible study group for the last 12 years . . . I am also involved with an NGO that works in rural India, where we have 10 church groups and increasing members. I also provide leadership in the Christian Medical Association of India, which is a network of over 12,000 Christian health professionals and 300 health institutions.”

Nitin recognizes that he has a gift for teaching and hopes to become a regular faculty member at seminars, teaching Christian leadership and goal setting. He also currently writes articles on contemporary issues through a Biblical lens and hopes to write a book in the near future.

As a faithful follower of Christ, Nitin uses his skills in healing bodies as a doorway to sharing about the life-giving promise of Jesus Christ, and his time at the Haggai Leader Experience showed him how to teach others in his profession to do the same.