Bolivia: Life on High
Returning from the Haggai Leader Experience (HLE) in April 2018 to Chuquisaca (Sucre), the constitutional capital of Bolivia, Cindy Sandoval was invited to train members in a large city church.

She has passed what she learned at Haggai on to 70 people, including teenagers and adults, through a two-day training. Today, they are working to reach the community for Christ. As the church has grown, Cindy has founded a Bible study group for those making a first-time commitment to Christ, to help them grow in their faith. Many have marked their changed lives through baptism.

Cindy says, “I am so happy seeing how God is equipping His people for the Great Commission!”

Ecuador: One Heart, Many Believers
ONE UIO church in the center of Quito, Ecuador, is an amazing place.

The name means “One Heart.” The church began in 2011 with just four people. Its next-generation ministry aims directly at young adults who are tired of religion but want to know more about God. It’s all over Facebook and Instagram. It’s lively. It’s fun. It’s growing.

Founder and senior pastor, Camilo Esteban, a graduate in international business, attended his HLE just last year. You’d think an outstanding and innovative church leader might feel he had little more to learn. But not so.

“The HLE definitely had a huge impact in my life,” he says. “After spending time with so many great people from different backgrounds and denominations, I was inspired. It’s made a huge impact on the way I preach.”

In just a few months, he’s implemented many of the lessons he learned at HLE and is passing them on to a class of 70 members. The ministry is attracting attention, recently baptizing 30 new believers. He’s just moved the church to a new location – the biggest and most exclusive pub in Quito. He says, “We’re growing so fast we’re about to pack that too!”