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Gifts of appreciated securities can be a wonderful way to support Haggai International, while also providing a significant tax benefits to you. Gifts of appreciated securities are tax deductible at full fair-market value if you have owned the asset for at least one year. To avoid capital gains taxes, you must transfer the securities themselves, not the proceeds of their sale.

To transfer outright gifts of stock electronically: If your securities are held in a brokerage account, most of these transfers can be done electronically via DTC. Please call us at 770-810-1372 or complete the form below to let us know your gift is in process.

Stocks, Mutual Funds and other securities may be delivered to one of the following accounts:

Haggai International C/O National Financial Services, LLC
DTC # 0226
Account # Z50373729


Raymond James:
Raymond James Financial Services
FBO: Haggai International
DTC #0725
Account #12224516

You can have your broker contact Haggai International’s broker at Raymond James Financial Services, Elizabeth Seabolt, 770-352-2199 x 220 or toll free at 888-352-2199 x 220.

To transfer securities held in certificate form, contact Kathleen Bartman at 770-810-1372 for instructions. You can send certificate(s) without any endorsement or assignment via registered mail to:

Haggai International
Attention: Kathleen Bartman
4725 Peachtree Corners Circle
Suite 200
Peachtree Corners, Georgia 30092-2553

The IRS requires that for any non-cash contributions to be tax-deductible, the donor must receive a receipt from the charity. In order for us to provide you with a receipt, please provide the following information:


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If you have questions or to advise us of your desire to transfer mutual fund shares, closely held or restricted stock, or to create a planned gift using securities, please contact:

Gary W. Key
Chief Development Officer
4725 Peachtree Corners Circle, Suite 200
Peachtree Corners, Ga. 30092
[x_icon type=”phone”] Office:  770-810-1413.   [x_icon type=”phone”] Mobile:  404-556-6660
[x_icon type=”envelope”] Garyk@Haggai-international.org  

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this page is for educational purposes only. The reader understands that Haggai International is not rendering legal advice and that the reader should seek independent legal counsel when contemplating estate planning decisions.

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