Benefiting Your Family and the World

Gift and estate planning can help to ensure that Haggai International continues our pursuit of integrity and excellence through the Leader Experience. If this commitment to Christ appeals to you, please continue reading. Many donors have explored these options and have discovered how to make an impactful investment to support the Ministry while providing for their family and loved ones.

An estate is comprised of everything you own – car, home, other real estate, bank accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture, and personal possessions. No matter what you earn, you have an estate. You are not able to take those things with you to the Lord’s Kingdom. However, you are able to ensure that a legacy can be created to the benefit of organizations that have an impact in your life. This is accomplished typically with minimal expense while avoiding certain legal and tax fees and issues. That is the value of planned giving and estate planning.

There are many ways to make gifts to Haggai International. Some of which you may not have thought possible while you enjoy increased income, tax savings, and other benefits. That is how effective gift planning is able to achieve meeting the goals of a donor while supporting Haggai International. Please review what is presented to assist you maximize giving opportunities, make the most of charitable dollars, and ensure the future of the Leader Experience.

You may make your gifts at any time. We are ready to speak with you and make arrangements to meet your needs.

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For more information or to advise Haggai that you have included us in your estate planning, contact:

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Chief Development Officer
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