Person To Person

Person To Person

Everything must start and end with the Gospel.

And Dr. Samson Sunil Raj Gandhi believes that the pursuit of better mental health is no exception. As founder and executive director of Person to Person International for Christian Counseling, Samson trains Christian counselors to establish their own counseling centers so that the “life-transforming truths of the Gospel” would help people all over India.

Dr. Samson Sunil Raj Gandhi

Person to Person has facilitated the formation of an accreditation body called the Association of Christian Counselors to oversee the standards of Biblical counseling. This institution has trained 14,164 people in Christian counseling from 1997 to 2016. Person to Person has also effectively trained 30,286 people in topics such as marriage enrichment, premarital counseling, youth counseling, grief counseling, and Christian parenting in the same time period.

Samson says that it was the techniques he learned at the Haggai Leader Experience in 1991 that have largely contributed to this ministry’s success.

“My whole work started after receiving training from Haggai International, so I had the benefit of it right from the beginning,” Samson says. “The principles of accountability, transparency, and effective communication have lent credibility to the ministry. The practice of goal-setting has made the ministry effective. Maintaining and guarding integrity has added strength to the relationships within the family, institute, and outside.”

The experience opened him up to the endless possibilities for ministry and allowed him to see the Lord’s vision for Christian counseling.

“It was my first trip outside of my country. It opened a whole new world to me,” Samson says. “I saw what the Lord was doing across the world. It exposed me to the vast creativity that is there in the Kingdom of God in proclaiming the Gospel.”

Samson was so affected by the experience that he is now a senior faculty member at Haggai International in Maui and Chiang Mai. He frequently teaches Haggai seminars in Singapore, Kenya, Bangladesh, Nepal, U.A.E., Qatar, and India. He has trained well over 800 people in Haggai principles and techniques for sharing the Gospel.

Samson says he continues to practice the principles he learned from the Haggai Leader Experience. Haggai, he says, “led me to launch and run a hugely successful ministry.”


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