Israel Targets Own Training

Israel Targets Own Training

Haggai leaders in Israel have taken a significant step toward mobilizing the Haggai vision in their country.

After exploratory visits to the area by Arthur Dhanaraj in 2013 and Kamal Mansour in 2015, Haggai leaders in Israel formed their own alumni association. Owing to Israel’s isolation in the Middle East, they could not attend the Middle East Alumni Association leaders’ meeting at Dubai in 2017. Taking advantage of Arthur Dhanaraj’s return to the Middle East, however, they organized a Faculty Development Seminar in early November. It was the first Haggai FDS to be held in the country and was entirely locally funded.

Arthur Dhanaraj (back row, second from right) pictured with Haggai leaders in Israel.

They chose a highly-equipped venue, the conference hall of EMMS Hospital, Nazareth. Thirteen Haggai leaders from different parts of the country participated and qualified as facilitators for their national programs. One of them was from Bethlehem on the West Bank. They included a retired army officer, a food engineer, a pastor/psychologist, and a lawyer campaigning for deprived women, who works with the Palestinian Relief Organization.

Says Arthur Dhanaraj, “I see a great opportunity for the growth of the Haggai ministry provided we continue to train more leaders from this region, both in English and Arabic, to add fresh life into their enthusiasm.”


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