One Man’s Journey After Haggai – In Pictures

One Man’s Journey After Haggai – In Pictures

It’s been almost a year since Raul Ciprian Cionca of Romania came back from his Haggai Leader Experience. Since then, he says, amazing things have happened. He went to the Mid-Pacific Center overwhelmed by the pressure from his roles as lawyer, pastor, son, father, and husband. Now, he says, “God is the center of everything, no matter what I do. I would like to use four pictures to share with you what God has been doing in my life since I came back from Haggai.”

“I can see God’s favor in my family. In the local church, I took over the youth department, and, together with my wife, we are the youth pastors.
I was also invited to teach pastors in a national program, and I am very grateful because I had the chance to challenge these men to be more
preoccupied about Jesus than about religion.”

“God has opened doors for me! I was invited to a local TV station to speak about the relevance of Christianity in our secular society.”

“My assistant and his wife decided to get baptized and, in their public testimony, they both said that they’ve been inspired to make this decision by the way I live with Jesus. I was very encouraged because I never pushed him/them with this.”

“I was offered a leading position in a multinational company. As head of the legal department, I have a secure income and more influence. I can truly say I have a church 24/7!”


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