Salt. How would you describe it? White. Grainy. Gives your food a stronger flavor. What about the fact it makes you thirsty for something to drink? In the book of Colossians, the Bible tells us to season our speech with salt — so we will make people thirsty for more of Jesus. Haggai leader Ndiyoi Muliwana Mutiti does just this as she travels at home and abroad as a leader in the Zambian government.

Fluent in English, Lozi, Tonga, Bemba, and Nyanja languages, she can communicate well with a wide variety of people.

“One of my goals is to be a godly professional in the career path that God has given me. Consequently, as an ambassador for Christ, my professional vocation is the mission field where I share the Word of God,” Ndiyoi says.

“I am keenly aware that my vocation brings me into contact with people who may never have an opportunity to hear the Gospel unless I do something about it.”

With a bachelor’s degree in public administration and economics, as well as a master’s in records management and archives administration, Ndiyoi is well suited for her newest role as the country’s electoral commissioner.

Ndiyoi speaks at the Haggai Golden Jubilee celebration in Bali, Indonesia.

In 2015, she began her five-year tenure serving as the ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to Japan. When interviewed by The Japanese Times in 2018, the reporter asked her to describe the achievement she is most proud of and her life’s motto. “I see my achievements as a continuum of events relating to how I have managed three aspects of my life, which are being a wife, a parent, and a professional. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom [Proverbs 9:10]. This is what informs my commitment to upholding values such as hard work and discipline. I also put great value on people, as they are the underlying factor for most decision making.”

Her Haggai Leader Experience (HLE) in 2016 helped her see people in a new light. “The HLE gave me a renewed understanding of my role and responsibility in ending Gospel poverty and further, that my vocation is the mission field. I was challenged to come up with a vision for sharing the Gospel, execute it, and pass on what I have learned to others.

“Haggai leaders should be professional in whatever vocation they are in and participate in addressing socio-economic issues in their spheres of influence. As one ministers to the material needs of people, it creates a conducive environment to also address the spiritual issues.”

After nearly three decades in government service, eight and a half of which were spent in foreign service, Ndiyoi has enjoyed sharing her beloved Zambia with the world. Zambia is home to many game parks and game management areas that boast a wide array of wild animals, including Africa’s Big Five: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and the African buffalos. Her country is also home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World: Victoria Falls.

Now, as she has returned home to serve as the electoral commissioner, her focus is turned inward again. Ndiyoi looks forward to spending more time developing new Haggai leaders, in addition to the 1,300 she has already equipped in the last four years. In her professional life, she will continue to be the salt — taking time to help her fellow Zambians become more receptive to the Gospel.

This article comes from the 2021 Fall edition of Impact magazine.