It goes without saying but the world looks very different than it did when 2020 began, especially the world of global missions. Public health precautions and travel restrictions ground most missions’ organizations to a holding pattern, but the Haggai model of equipping local leaders uniquely positioned the ministry to weather the storm.

Already positioned in their home countries, Haggai leaders stepped up to the challenges presented by this chaotic season. Among those leaders is Kham Sian Khai in Myanmar. A young pastor, Kham was one of the last Haggai leaders to be equipped through an in-person seminar before the pandemic of 2020.

Kham is a recent seminary graduate and it was his Haggai Leader Experience (HLE) that broadened his worldview and gave him a new appreciation for the fight against Gospel poverty across the world.

“When I came to Haggai, I got the chance to interact with brothers from different denominations. Through those meaningful fellowships and friendships with them, my worldview was changed, and I came to understand and accept we all are working in the same vineyard with the chief objective to preach the Gospel and make disciples of all nations.”

Kham Sian Khai

When Kham completed his HLE, he returned to Myanmar and got to work. Since returning home in February, he has been invited to teach and share the Gospel in regions of Myanmar he had never explored before. He even served as an instructor at Myanmar’s regional Haggai session in October.

“By the grace and mercy of God during this pandemic period, God opened the door for me to teach and inspire 210 leaders from different places in Myanmar. God strategically brought me to Haggai. If I did not join the HLE, I am sure I never would have taught like I have this year. I just cannot stop praising God for His beautiful and amazing plan!”

When asked what he would like to share with the Haggai family, Kham shared:

“With all my heart, I would like to say thank you for investing in me. Whenever I think about my HLE, the words that ring in my mind are, ‘Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples.’ May God protect you, give you a long life and bless you, your family, and your ministry. I was equipped and truly blessed through Haggai.”