Since Dr. John Edmund Haggai started Haggai International in 1969, more than 123,000 leaders have been equipped to share the Gospel in 189 countries. After 51 years of countless lives transformed by the Good News, it is undeniable that Heaven is filled with thousands of individuals who were introduced to their Savior by a Haggai leader. The Haggai family has long looked forward to the idea of “the Haggai corner in Heaven,” the place where we will finally see in full the work God has done through this ministry.

Last week, after a lifetime of Gospel service, Dr. Haggai went home to his Creator. Reunited with his beloved wife and son, Dr. Haggai is fully experiencing that “corner in Heaven,” and we rejoice in the fruit of his faithfulness.

In the days since his passing, Haggai leaders from across the globe have shared the countless ways that Dr. Haggai mentored them, inspired them, and discipled them.

“Crazily, since you came into my life in 1998, I had thought you would live forever – pulling the levers of your paradigm-shifting approach to world evangelization, reducing Gospel poverty and giving hope to many around the world.

Crazily, since I listened to you at Sessions 255 and 256 of the Haggai International in Maui, Hawaii, I had thought I would forever enjoy your characteristic finest oration, sitting at the edge of my chair, pondering on every word you utter.

Crazily, I had thought it would always be Dr. John Edmund Haggai – the quintessential Christian statesman, leader and thinker – and never the late Dr. John Edmund Haggai.

If you do not know Dr. Haggai, you will think of me as being heretic or beside myself or both. But if you are among the tens of thousands that have gone through the Haggai Leader Experience and have gone on to impact millions in their nations, you will forgive my craziness and even indulge in the craziness of your own.

Sleep on, Dr. John Edmund Haggai. The world has never been the same since you came.”

–      Abiodun Fijabi, Senior Haggai Faculty and CEO of Lord Princely Associates, Nigeria

“I was offered an opportunity to be trained as a Christian leader at Haggai in Maui, 2016 batch. The training impacted me towards evangelism. By the grace of God, we initiated SOTCH, (school of theology for children) in 2017. The objective of SOTCH is to equip children with the Word of God. I would not be able to initiate SOTCH if not for the training. Sir John’s famous quote was my motivation, “attempt something so great for God that it’s doomed to failure unless God be in it.”

We have students joining our online classes from Qatar, Australia, and Burkina Faso, not to mention a few classes in Malaysia. About 8 students will be graduating in April 2021 (successfully completing 3 years with SOTCH), and it was my desire to send a video of the graduation of the students to sir John Edmund Haggai as a sign of gratefulness to God and sir John. Indeed a loss, but legacy lives on. Would like to meet you, sir, in heaven for a chat while I continue to celebrate your life here on earth.”

–      Vasanthi Clement, Haggai leader and Founder of School of Theology for Children, Malaysia

“I have no words to be grateful for all that Dr. John Haggai’s obedience has brought into my life. My whole way of living was impacted by the vision that God gave him and to which he was obedient. His example of passion and obedience inspired my life, taking me out of the channel of a religion without passion or love for souls, to the urgent need to please God and use all my resources until my last breath to announce the Gospel. I thank God for his life and ministry, and I hope one day when we find ourselves in the presence of the Lord at “Haggai corner” to see him again and enjoy the glorious presence of Whom we love and serve, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

–      Kenia Santana, Haggai leader and News Broadcaster, Chile

“People come and go. Some are remembered, but some are forgotten. But there are men whose legacy shall live forever, in this life and in the life to come.

Dr. John Edmund Haggai, you are a hero of faith, a generational leader, a model we would all like to emulate, though your shoes are a little bit too big for some of us to fit in. But the joy is to know there is a little space for each of us in those big shoes that we got a chance to occupy.

As a recipient of your visionary calling, I am today what I am because of what I received from you and all the HI leaders. My cultural evangelism skills were truly honed and transformed at the training I attended in Chiang Mai, 2012.

As you stand before the throne, I will be right there behind you with a queue of many who’ve come to know the Lord because you chose to share what was in you unreservedly.”

–       Zipporah Wairimu, Haggai leader and Director of Emmanuel Christian School, Kenya

“Today I received the sobering news of the passing of Dr. John Edmund Haggai of Haggai International. I first met him in 2007, and he made an unforgettable, most gentlemanly comment. “Your smile is so beautiful; you should insure it” I characteristically smiled some more and he did the same.

Over the years I have picked up priceless golden nuggets on leadership whenever I was near him. He said the leader needs two great traits: integrity and steadfastness. He said, make decisions, and don’t procrastinate; you can always correct a bad decision, but you can’t correct no decision.

There is so much more to say about this extraordinary Christian soldier. But for today I will say I am grateful, forever so grateful for the work he gave his entire life to. I am the life that was fundamentally impacted, fundamentally changed, and forever inspired.”

–      Dorothy Kisaka, Haggai leader, Trustee and Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority, Uganda