The Benefits To Partners

Partnering with us to create more Haggai leaders, you are the face of change for a lost and hurting world.

Haggai leaders – more trusted
Haggai leaders aren’t perceived as foreigners, and have no language problems or visa restrictions. They are reliable, trusted, respected, and listened to. Haggai leaders are simply the top candidates for missions work in areas closed to initiatives from the West.

Haggai leaders – more influential
Our partners become catalysts for positive change at every level – because together Haggai leaders influence everything from business and government to law, education and medicine. Those leading nonprofits are the reliable agents on the ground who make good happen.

Haggai leaders – more far-reaching
Large numbers of Haggai leaders work in otherwise impenetrable nations – often in high positions where they are known for their honesty and integrity. 9.5% of Haggai leaders are in the Middle East, where they communicate the Gospel without compromise and without offense.

Haggai leaders – more determined
Our metrics show that the Haggai Leader experience more than doubles leaders’ skill and motivation. 95% say they leave us with a clear plan for missions. In communicating the Gospel and passing on their training, Haggai leaders exceed their own 2-year targets by more than 25%.

Haggai leaders – more cost-effective

Because our international Haggai leaders reproduce the training for others at national and local levels, the Haggai model is highly cost-effective. By the end of 2017, 78,457 Haggai leaders had been trained within their own nations, at no cost to our international partners.