Haggai Leader Lukas Christian offers a radically simple approach to the Great Commission. His strategy is to start with coffee. Free coffee for anyone who wants it and a chance at good conversation.

Lukas is using a mutual appreciation for coffee to start building friendships with unbelievers. He then takes those friendships to the next level by introducing the Good News.

But why coffee?

“Coffee is one of the most popular beverages after water,” says Lukas. “Coffee is the most effective means to establish friendships.”

Lukas calls this the Friendship Coffee Movement, a way to reach out to others with the Gospel through the common love of good coffee. Founded in February of 2016, Lukas has reached 3,000 people with the kindness and love of Jesus Christ.

Lukas believes that any successful attempt at sharing the Gospel must be built on friendship. The Friendship Coffee Movement’s vision is “to become the world’s icon for friendship, through enjoying healthy coffee – especially Indonesian coffee – for free.”

“The coffee must be pure (preferred roasted bean coffee) and without sugar or milk,” says Lukas. “I related this with the healthy Gospel, which assures that only if we receive Jesus Christ, we are saved.”

Lukas attributes his time at the Haggai Leader Experience in 2011 as his inspiration to start this iconic movement.

“I realized that it is my responsibility to spread the Gospel,” says Lukas. “I am currently working on preparing an education module for ‘Biblical Mandate.’ The lesson of the module is about using coffee as a means to establish friendship, which in turn will help me approach them with the Gospel.”

Lukas hopes to share his coffee with 1 million people within the next three years and for the movement to have international recognition.

“All of these very big things seem impossible, but I hope God works through this movement,” says Lukas.