With a global pandemic affecting the world, travel has become immensely difficult. Several participants, upon completing their Haggai Leader Experience in Maui, Hawaii, received the news that their home countries were shutting down borders. These men were forced to shelter-in-place halfway around the world from their homes, families, and work.

Embracing an unprecedented position for the first time in the history of Haggai, these men went from being participants to special volunteers at the Mid-Pacific Center in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Not only are they helping with maintenance and food preparation, they are also preparing for their leadership roles when they finally arrive home.

One of the leaders from India has been planning and creating a devotional booklet and blog posts online with his wife for equipping leaders. Another leader from a middle eastern country began a Bible study for youth in his hometown, equipping them with the Gospel message using the Zoom video conference app. He reports that people are attending online who could not otherwise meet in person, and he is thrilled.

Even though it can be lonely to be gone from their homes for such a long period of time, the faith that these leaders have in what God is doing through them during this time is life changing. Their ongoing work for the Lord during this trial has created a confidence that hope and trust in Christ Jesus can overcome any obstacle.