Dr. Vus’s resume rivals that of the most esteemed medical experts in the world. He’s an expert at the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, has spearheaded national public health policies, and is an international health consultant.

But when asked about his profession, his reply is simply “I am a rural family doctor.”

This humility is born of the fact that Dr. Vus’s aim is not just to practice medicine, but to share the love of Christ with his patients in the process. For 16 years, he has worked with the Christian Mobile Medical Team in Ukraine (CMMTU). They provide humanitarian assistance and medical outreach throughout the country, including the Russian war zone in eastern Ukraine.

In 2017, Dr. Vus attended the Haggai Leader Experience, giving him renewed vision for Gospel ministry through effective medical services in his home country. Inspired by the Haggai model of equipping local leaders to share the Gospel, Dr. Vus set out to equip local healthcare providers across communities in Ukraine.

“I realized it was necessary to help develop the competencies of field service providers, not just to provide time-limited assistance and resources.”

Upon returning home, Dr. Vus organized a Facebook platform for the Ukrainian Christian Family Medicine Fellowship. They began to host seminars to equip and collaborate with healthcare providers across the country. The group even published an article in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education, earning them an invitation to the 2019 Rural Family Medicine Conference in the United States.

This new platform has helped Dr. Vus and his colleagues teach a holistic approach to family medicine, an approach that allows them to integrate the values of their Christian faith. Webinars have focused on disease prevention, diagnostics, and most recently, infection control in the midst of COVID-19.

“Previously, we thought that serving 100 patients a day was an achievement. Now we see that videos of our seminars are viewed thousands of times, not only by patients, but also by providers.”

Today, as countries across the globe grapple with the medical realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Vus’s Gospel-centered approach to medicine has never been more valuable.