Haggai leader Gustavo Cadena of Ecuador believes that the best way to share the Gospel is to teach straight from Scripture and show people how to study the Bible in a deeper and more personal way.

“People just repeat what somebody else told them to do and how to do it,” Gustavo says. “That’s why I firmly believe Bible instruction is the key. [To] search deeper into the Scripture produces reforms in the culture and nations, teaching and living what you believe.”

But how do you get people to read Scripture in the first place?

Gustavo credits the Haggai Leader Experience for teaching him how to effectively reach out to diverse groups and share with them the life-saving news of Jesus Christ.

“I have more confidence and skills for sharing what I’ve learned,” he says. “First with my youth group at church, then with hundreds of people that I’ve been serving with over the years. I’ve used the material I learned in Singapore several times.”

Gustavo has also been able to share his skills with other influential church organizations, like Inca Link Ecuador, EJ (e625), and Mano a Mano. By sharing what he has learned with the other board members, they have started planning missions conferences, youth summits, and youth trainings. He reports that God has given him several opportunities to use his training, and he has trained several hundred leaders.

“Haggai International changed my life,” Gustavo says. “There’s a line before and after the HLE. My local and international influence grew exponentially. I have made many connections with my classmates, and I’ve been able to share with many people what I learned.”

And with political shake-ups and earthquakes constantly hitting Ecuador, the people are in dire need of a Savior.

“This country has a big problem with corruption and injustice,” Gustavo shares. “Sadly, this has happened because of the corruption, lack of faith, proudness, self-promotion, betrayal, and manipulation that has been embedded in the churches and pastoral councils. Haggai International may help show these leaders there’s another way to do things. I’m sure the right manner is to train leaders who can train other leaders.”

Nonetheless, there are many challenges to contend with since the new constitution has erased the name of God and forbidden sharing the Gospel with the indigenous peoples.

Gustavo and his team have met these challenges head on with the formation of Inca Link Ecuador, a school for the indigenous that teaches Bible reading and skills for sharing the Gospel. With a similar structure to Haggai International, these people are trained to share what they’ve learned with others so that they can then go into their own communities and share the Word of God.

“One thing that we are applying now is to pray for revival and awakening of the spiritual DNA,” he says. “We pray they can return to the only God from the ancient tribes, declaring His name is Yehovah and His son is Yeshua.”