“I am confiding in you that with God’s help, I move forward in His glory,” shares Noemi Espinoza of Ecuador. She is quite a remarkable lady who is reaching her part of the world for Jesus.

Where has she been? For starters, in 2016, Noemi made social and community development a priority. After an earthquake shocked a fishing village, she united her friends and sold cookies to raise money for these people. Not only that, Noemi taught the fishermen’s wives how to make pastries.

“I taught my friends how to ‘fish’ among the Gospel poor by not only sharing the Good News with these village people, but also by helping them learn skills to improve their daily lives.”

Noemi also actively participates in teaching pastors on such topics as financial discipline, adolescence, childhood, developing community projects, digital communication, and photography. The ultimate goal is for these pastors to tell their students about Jesus as they teach on these subjects.

Incorporating faith with everyday lessons is obviously a goal of Noemi’s. The mayor of Castilla Piura invited her to lead a conference on entrepreneurship and life purpose for about 180 young people. And a radio station allowed her to tell her story of how to create a business for the sole purpose of blessing others.

It’s no wonder Noemi recently received recognition from her local government for being a woman who impacts her city and serves her neighbors. She says, “Thank you for praying and thank you for teaching me through Haggai how to be intentional and disciplined. I affirm my purpose to be intentional with everything I do in order to impact others with the love of God.”

Truly, a global Christian investing in the extension of the Kingdom.