Shibu Chacko, a senior business executive in Hyderabad, India, knows a thing or two about the concept of strategic growth. He works as an assistant vice president for a multinational firm that serves more than a quarter of the companies on Fortune Magazine’s Global 500 list. Tasked with implementing risk and compliance programs for some of the world’s biggest corporations, Shibu has a knack for building relationships, creating connection, and building trust.

These talents, combined with his personal commitment to the Gospel, made him an ideal candidate for the Haggai Leader Experience (HLE). After attending the HLE in 2019, he made an audacious plan to expand his Gospel reach in one year, each month having its own set of objectives. Even with the complications of a nationwide lockdown, Shibu pressed forward in pursuit of the Gospel.

November 2019 – Upon returning home from the Haggai Leader Experience, Shibu was invited to preach at his home church. After his message on “God as a missionary,” 100 of those in attendance surrendered their lives to Jesus.

December 2019 – Shibu and a group from his church organized a Christmas outreach program to share the Christmas story with their Muslim, Hindu, and Jain neighbors on the rural outskirts of Hyderabad. After successful programs reached more than 1,400 in four local townships, Shibu’s company invited the group to bring their presentation to the company’s employees. More than 700 executives at one of that largest companies in India heard the Gospel through the Christmas story.

January 2020 – Shibu and his wife teamed up to counsel young people in their church on relationship and dating issues. Through this program, more than 50 accepted Jesus as their Savior.

February 2020 – The Chackos joined forces once again to host a couples’ retreat with their church. More than 60 couples joined them to learn practical ways to place Jesus at the center of their marriages and families.

March 2020 – In one of his last church services held in person, Shibu shared a message about the “how” of advancing the Gospel, inspired by a friend he had met through the HLE. Fifteen men and women committed their lives to sharing the Good News.

April 2020 – Undeterred by the strict lockdowns throughout the country, he published three devotionals focused on how believers could use the trials of COVID-19 to strengthen their prayer lives and increase their hope in the Lord.

May 2020 – Leveraging the virtual tools he uses at work, Shibu created three teaching videos and, along with is family, hosted a live-streamed, 12-hour worship service to connect with Hindi-speaking people in Central and Northern India.

June 2020 – Shibu continued his video ministry, releasing two more teachings on holiness. As his company returned back to work, he presented a teaching called “Building a Culture of Trust” to help them readjust to work amidst the pandemic.

July 2020 – Together with his wife, Shibu began producing and airing a weekly television program on two local channels aimed at reaching Hindi-speaking people in Central and Northern India.

August 2020 – The Chackos resumed their work counseling couples in their church, holding a conference for more than 60 young adults preparing for marriage.

September 2020 – Shibu implemented a virtual worship program for kids through his church, engaging more than 120 families in remote worship.

October 2020 – Focused on equipping new leaders to share the Gospel, Shibu started a church-wide study on the Book of Acts, inviting fellow believers (in-person and online) to be trained in missions.

In just 12 months since returning from the Haggai Leader Experience, Shibu has shared the Gospel message with more than 6,000 people. He also trained 50 new Haggai leaders in his home city of Hyderabad.

“During the pandemic, had there been no fire deep inside me, I would not have been able to do any of this work. The Lord provided the strength, focus, and passion to continue the work in order to end Gospel poverty. From the bottom of my heart, I thank God and Haggai for equipping me.”