Haggai International believes that to end Gospel poverty, it is going to take all believers, working in all nations and in every profession to commit to sharing the Good News. Potential leaders are selected not just for the size of their platform or their theological training, but for their potential to develop and disciple other leaders.

Merlin Arnold Nkoukako Tchamnda is a businessman in Cameroon. He has a successful career in the secular marketplace, but for years he has lived a faithful life as a lay leader in the Church. He is a special advisor to the YMCA in Cameroon, doing extensive work with the 350K+ refugees currently seeking asylum in the country. He serves as the Director of Spiritual Leadership for Youth with a Mission (YWAM), and for many years he and his wife have served as Christian counselors for engaged and newly married couples.

He was selected to attend the Haggai Leader Experience (HLE) in 2016 because of this testimony of committed service. And though he had lived as a Christian for decades, the experience served as a pivotal point in his development as a leader.

“I went to HLE May 2016. The training changed me; it made me more confident in the ministry, in my life, and in all my activities. It challenged me to urgently equip leaders with all the tools I received. I equipped more than 700 (seven hundred) leaders within two years after the time in Maui.”

Merlin Arnold Nkoukako Tchamnda

In the years since Merlin returned home from Cameroon, he has demonstrated the exponential impact that occurs when a leader embraces the Haggai model. Since completing the HLE, Merlin has equipped 1,021 additional leaders in Cameroon. He organized two national camps through the YMCA, sharing the Gospel with more than 500 attendees at each event. In addition, he organized four national seminars for local Haggai leaders.

A Haggai National Seminar in Garoua, Cameroon.

In less than five years, one man, a committed lay leader with a heart for the Gospel, has equipped more than 1,000 believers to share the Good News. This incredible momentum providentially coincides with a recent period of chaos and violence in the previously stable Central African nation, meaning that this Gospel ministry is needed more urgently than ever before.

“Cameroon seemed to be a peaceful country before the Islamic attacks and secessionist insurgency. Cameroonians were living without fear, going everywhere, working and meeting freely. Evangelism campaigns went on with enthusiasm. But now, there is less room for free expression. Many Cameroonians are religious, but they resist the true Gospel…We have to pray. God is the only One who can really help.”