Wheels Turning

Wheels Turning

Purevsuren Byambasaikhan of Mongolia tells us she has been richly blessed since her Haggai Leader Experience in June 2017.

She says, “I have become more aggressive in using social media and promoting my online presence. So far, I have been active on YouTube and Facebook for specific targeted content creation. I have been preparing small videos and posting them on YouTube to build my own community and ultimately to share Gospel online. My YouTube channel is the direct outcome of attending the HLE in June last year.”

You can see Purevsuren’s YouTube channel here.

She’s also building her network of professionals in Mongolia. Her work as a translator gives her direct access to law enforcement officers who are fighting human trafficking, and to leaders attending UNESCO ethics training.

Purevsuren Byambasaikhan (left) overseeing a training event in Mongolia.

“I am praying for mostly young professionals busy in career and self-sufficient in terms of money or position. They are difficult to reach, and in the past, I was a kind of clueless and unintentionally driving them away from the Gospel. Now I almost see how the wheels inside their heads are turning and how they are receiving the message and the seed I am trying to plant in them. Haggai has truly opened my eyes and heightened my senses!”


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