A New Normal.
Unprecedented Change.

Five months into the world’s worst public health crisis in over a century, these words have become ubiquitous as they describe the ways life has changed. While many nations have weathered the worst of the pandemic, it remains to be seen when (or if) activities like travel, public gatherings, and even simple trips to the store will return to “normal”… or if they ever will.

Though COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on “normal life” around the globe, Haggai leaders were quick to respond.

Within just days of lockdowns taking effect, countless leaders had adapted their ministries to a virtual format, leveraging technology to continue demonstrating and presenting the Gospel in their own nations.

  • Thongchai Pradabchananurat developed a social network of more than 11K followers to connect strategically positioned leaders across Thailand as they ministered to congregations and church plants virtually.
  • Vadim Vus in Ukraine used a private Facebook group to host webinars on infection control and treatment of COVID-19 for other physicians in his region while being a beacon of hope with the Gospel message.
  • Marketing Professional Wilson Moy used his experience in software development to coach 30 Malaysian leaders in the facilitation of online Bible studies.
  • Caroline Oyugi, a children’s therapist in Kenya, turned to telehealth to continue serving her most vulnerable patients while displaying the kindness of Jesus to hundreds.

Haggai leaders are proving that the fight to end Gospel poverty cannot be slowed down, and they are willing to adapt and innovate for the sake of the Good News accelerating.

Their perseverance has laid the groundwork for Haggai International’s new Virtual Haggai Leader Experience—the first all-online international session for new Haggai leaders.

On August 29, thirty brand new leaders will take part in the first ever all-virtual experience. Seasoned faculty from the ministry center in Maui will use digital learning technology to coach and equip men and women eager to see their nations transformed with the Gospel. This new innovative format will allow Haggai International to continue the development of new leaders, and without the hindrance of travel, the potential for program growth is truly limitless.

While the events of COVID-19 spurred the implementation of the new format, Haggai Vice President of Equipping, Sreedhar Subramaniam believes God has been preparing the organization for this moment.

“As I reflect on the launch of the virtual Haggai Leader Experience, it is clear God orchestrated it all, having seen the transformation of many leaders into Gospel agents. I sense it was all preparation for an even greater global initiative that will accelerate the work of ending Gospel poverty.”

Sreedhar Subramaniam, Vice President of Equipping

Sreedhar’s sentiments are most certainly shared by everyone involved in this journey. This new Virtual Haggai Leader Experience is a blessing, an answer to prayer, and a moment of celebration for Haggai leaders and staff all over the world. We truly believe this is the next innovation in equipping leaders to end Gospel poverty.