The Secret Of Inner Beauty

The Secret Of Inner Beauty

Haggai leader and self-help writer Mary Ortiz has a ministry in one of the Philippines marginalized communities – and it’s growing. Volunteers are joining, and 30-40 people attend the Saturday Bible Study.

The books Mary Ortiz writes bring her in front of large audiences.

At a meeting with local nurses, she recently handed out copies of her book Ikaw na ang Maganda (How to Be Beautiful Inside and Out). The book explains the Gospel and appeals for a verdict. She also gave a talk about inner beauty to 25 women in a small church in Cainta.

She says, “God has been using my book as a bridging tool to lead women to Jesus and helps them to be more Christlike. My new book, Ikaw na ang Maganda (Dress Up Pure and Lovely) is currently number three on the OMF list after an initial print run of 12,000.”

Her next book is already signed up: Ikaw na ang Maganda (How to Be Fit and Fab) – and tells readers how to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy.


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