A key element of the Haggai International model is identifying those potential leaders who demonstrate a passion for the Gospel and the capacity to move others to action. And while many come with robust resumes and impressive job titles, it’s the leadership beyond their “day-job” that truly sets them apart.

Filipino Haggai leader Eduardo Villamor is one of those leaders. Eduardo is the president of a multi-brand retail company, a real estate firm, and Villamor College of Business and Arts, Inc., a non-profit college founded to help underprivileged students finish their college degrees.

For Eduardo, the energy and drive to lead three organizations is a product of his commitment to the Gospel and a deep sense of obligation to steward the opportunities given to him. He attended the Haggai Leader Experience in 1993 and reflects on that time as a pivotal moment in his career and his faith journey.

“Twenty-eight years later, it is undeniable that such equipping made a huge impact in my life. I have become aware of both the privilege and responsibility of the Gospel when opportunities show up.”

Eduardo Villamor

In the nearly three decades since, Eduardo has pursued opportunities to share the Gospel in every area of his life. In his professional life, he has shared the Gospel through equipping and leadership seminars. He has become an active volunteer in local missions and Bible distribution programs. And in every interaction, whether it be with a colleague, a friend, or a stranger, he seeks to be an instrument for Christ.

Eduardo pictured with Dr. John Edmund Haggai in May 1993 at a National Seminar in Singapore.

“Throughout my lifetime, I have encountered strangers and friends who have had a certain need, and as our paths crossed, I gave counsel that they needed to hear or a simple encouragement that would help them carry on. Even in my imperfections in witnessing, the Lord is still faithful – as He is also a wonderful counselor and a friend of sinners, and so we try our best to embody Jesus in the flesh through His leading.”

In addition to his professional and ministry work, Eduardo is the father of five grown children and has three grandchildren. At a life stage where many would be content to retire and enjoy the fruit of years of hard work, Eduardo presses ahead at full speed in pursuit of God’s call on his life.

Eduardo distributes Bibles in a High School in Sarangani Province, Philippines.

“To be a Haggai leader means being part of the solution to Gospel poverty. It means being perceptive in the opportunities given in different spheres in life and readily responding to the needs. It also means being open to fresh ideas on how to share the Gospel, being trained in communication and leadership skills to convey the Gospel, and being equipped to apply the Gospel in the marketplace.”